Actor Danny Masterson’s criminal charges kept him out of the picture That 90s show, That 70s Show Hyde’s absence from the spinoff was secretly established ten years ago. Like many shows where the characters are in high school, That 70s Show the series ran into trouble when it reached its fifth season. By this stage, most of the actors were too old to play high school students (even in the heightened reality of sitcom stories), and their characters’ lives had been on hold since the creators. That 70s Show it was necessary to keep them in the same small town in order to produce more episodes.


That’s why it was Eric is perfect That 70s Show ExitWhat was supposed to take place at the end of season 6 was delayed until the end of season 7. Because of this, many replacements for Topher Grace were tried throughout. That 70s Show Seasons 7 and 8 and after Season 4 were a big factor in the series’ decline in critical ratings. However, for some characters That 70s Show, this fate was not so terrible and out of character. Without a consistent father figure, the troubled Hyde struggled to envision a future for himself throughout his life. That 70s Showand it makes sense that it doesn’t have a spin-off.

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Jackie and Hyde’s relationship foreshadowed Hyde’s exit

That 70s shows Jackie and Hyde 2

Although actor Danny Masterson’s real-life criminal charges caused Hyde’s absence That 90s show, his character would probably have stood out from the group due to his abrasive attitude. Likewise That 90s show Killed Kitty’s mother Since it was based on the real life of Betty White, it was an example of real life shaping the story, but the plot still fitting the tone of the show. When Jackie and Hyde break up, Jackie says she wants to make a commitment while Hyde wants to live in the moment, and it’s this disconnect that’s causing Hyde’s absence. That 90s show adapt.

20 years after that divorce, Jackie and Kelso have a child, and Eric and Donna are in the same situation. Even Fez, the incredible exchange student who has always been the wild card of the group, still lives in Point Place and has a successful business. Hyde’s departure from the group makes sense, as the rest of the gang have stuck to their original ambitions, while Hyde has never had a clear plan for his future. Although Charlie is dark That 70s Show story The series proves that it can be dull from time to time, with the sitcom generally avoiding dealing with the consequences of Hyde’s lack of direction until The Spinoff.

Hyde’s influence marked his fortunes in the 90s

While those 70s show the guide, the 90s are red

There’s no denying that Hyde can be secretly sweet at times. He proved it when he remembered Kitty’s birthday when everyone else forgot. However, he was also the most rebellious and unruly member of the crew, constantly pushing his friend to take bigger, more dangerous risks, so it makes sense that they drifted apart for decades. Although there were only a few major battles between friends, Hyde is furious That 70s Show relationship In the case of Eric and his family, it would have been even more tense when Eric and Hyde took very different paths in life.

Hyde may have inherited a record store, but the hero has shown no apparent interest in settling down and pursuing domestic bliss. In contrast, Eric’s ambitions always included getting married and having children, to the extent that this plan was the basis for his first major fight with Donna. Even the more erratic Kelso chose to be a cop when he finally decided on a career path, proving that the character has a more traditional outlook than Hyde. The truth is that Hyde never really fits in with the group, and it’s no surprise That 90s show Season 1 reflecting this dynamic by its absence.

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Hyde’s absence in the 90s is better than any cameo

The 70s Show Hyde

It’s too painful to imagine That 70s Show‘s central group stems from his friendship with Hyde. However, it’s also believable, and it’s good to get an injection of comparative realism in a reboot that often tends toward nostalgia and sentimentality. That 90s show It doesn’t depict Jackie and Kelso struggling with the constant bickering that plagued their relationship That 70s Show because their cameos are so short. Likewise, the show’s focus on Eric and Donna’s daughter means viewers won’t see much conflict between the pair. So Hyde’s The 90s show absence is just one of the necessary dark moments That 70s Showa spinoff of .

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