Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

The God of War Ragnarok Temple of Light Red chest seems easy to get at first. However, upon further inspection, you will find that there is no obvious path to it. And, as we understand you, it can be frustrating when he scares and “calls you” but is out of your reach. Do not worry! In our guide, we explain how to get the Red Chest in the Temple of Light in GoW Ragnarok.

Temple of Light Red Chest God of War Ragnarok

Red chest in the Temple of Light God of War Ragnarok

How to get to the red chest in the Temple of Light in GoW Ragnarok

During your adventures in Alfheim, you will reach the Temple of Light. This powerful and mysterious place is extremely important for both the Dark Elves and the Light Elves. Of course, each of them has his own interest in this, more or less selfish. However, neither we nor you are here for lore. Rather, we want to know what you need to do to get to this alluring Red Chest. Once you’ve dealt with a few aggressive light elves in the central area, you’ll notice a Red Chest standing isolated on a platform jutting out of the stone wall. There is a rather deep chasm between you in the central area and the Red Chest on the platform across from the chasm. So how do you get to it?

Red Chest Temple of Light Decision

The mistake many players make is that they think there is a catch to get to the Red Chest from the central area. They will look around and look for grappling spots or puzzles, anything that will help them jump onto that platform. You shouldn’t waste your time here on this. Rather, the decision on how to get the Red Chest in the Temple of Light is much easier. First, go up the stairs to the left of the red chest. Open the door and you will see one of the Light Doors.

You will need to break the pale blue crystal above it to open the door. However, it cannot be destroyed directly. Instead, use the nearby lever to set the Twilight Stone (the one hanging above it, see images) in the correct position. A blue beam between the Twilight Stone (or Purple Crystal) and the Blue Crystal when aiming your ax will mean you’ve found the right spot. Now go through the door, smash some exploding Nightmares there and get Kvasir’s Verses.

After another short battle, Tyr will jump (I mean JUMP!) to the other side. You have to follow him, but before that let’s get our Red Chest. Face opposite where Tyr jumped, go up the short stairs, then turn left and go down. And that’s where you’ll find the GoW Ragnarok Temple of Light Red Light Red Chest! Check out our images below for the best visual instructions. This completes our guide!