Jackbox fans will be returning to Tee Island this fall as Tee KO 2 has been announced as the first game included in The Jackbox Party Pack 10. The official announcement was made during Jackbox Games’ presentation at PAX East in Boston today.

The five-game bundle, which debuted in 2004, is released every fall, and this year will be no different from Jackbox Games. announced last month. However, no specific games have been revealed to be included in the bundle at the time, and with news of Tee KO 2 now coming in, fans can still speculate about the other four games that have yet to be announced.


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If you’ve never played the original Tee KO game, which was introduced back in Party Pack 3 but still has a lot of fans, the mechanics are pretty simple. First you draw a couple of t-shirt designs, then you come up with a couple of fun slogans. Both your designs and slogans are assigned to other players, who then collect the funniest t-shirt. The shirts compete against each other in a series of group votes for the best of the best, and each round your shirt survives as the best outfit, you gain more points.

During a press-only event earlier this month, the Jackbox team revealed some of the changes to Tee KO 2, such as the addition of hoodies, a new final round, and updated drawing tools. “We’re excited to announce that we’re adding new functionality to our toolset to help those who felt limited by the previous release,” said Jackbox Chief Creative Officer Allard Laban in direct response to DualShockers’ questions. “Players will now have access to an eraser that will allow them to easily wipe off the nasty bits. We’re going to strike a balance between keeping the humor and spontaneity of the game while providing the necessary tools for users who put a little more love into their drawings.”

T-shirt KOShirts Teeth and family reunification

The successor to the popular You Don’t Know Jack quizzes of the 90s, each Jackbox Party Pack contains a variety of party games that can be played on the same couch or with a group of friends from around the world. Although each group game group is different, each pack has running themes, such as the inclusion of quizzes and drawing games. however, last year’s Party Pack 9 featured Nonsensory, a three-round game of predicting other players’ reactions to certain phrases or images. Of these three rounds, only the second one used drawing tools, and there were no other drawing games in this pack.

“Tee KO is a very popular game among our players and we’ve been getting tons of requests for a sequel,” Laban told DualShockers. “So Tee KO 2 made it into Pack 10 mostly because of the love of the community and because we try to include at least one drawing game in each of our packs. Party Pack 8 had two drawing games, while Party Pack 9 only had one drawing challenge. , so it is flexible. That said, we think packs should have at least some artwork for game balance, and Tee KO 2 is the perfect game for Party Pack 10.”

As for other changes coming to Tee KO 2, promotional material provided by Jackbox Games suggests that players will be able to change their design between rounds and change the font size on the tees. More announcements regarding The Jackbox Party Pack 10 are promised in the spring and summer — hopefully including the other four games that will be included.

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