Shieldsurfing is back The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdombut with Link’s new powers, he’s turned into a full-on skater.

There seems to be an endless amount of classes in this updated version of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule. Whether it’s creating a whole bunch weird and wonderful creations (and some quite obscene units), or simply prove it there is no “right” way to play the game. But the hottest trend taking over the hills of Hyrule? Skateboarding. In the first game, you could do a cool flip to get Link on his shield to surf off mountains, snowy slopes, or sand dunes. But now players use Link’s Fuse ability to make flat skateboards.

The thing about Tears of the Kingdom is that if an object can be interacted with with Link’s Ultra Arm ability, you can also interact with it with any of his other abilities, including Fuse. So that means you can do things like glue a rock to the end of your sword or shoot an arrow with a mushroom on the tip. This also means you can attach a minecart or normal cart to your shield, something players quickly discovered was the worst way to get around Hyrule.

As you can see about 40 seconds into the video below, if you have one of the Zonai carts, attaching it to your shield literally turns it into a skateboard, making it work really well on flat terrain.

While the mine cart seems to mostly act like a normal shield, that hasn’t stopped players from using it as a skateboard, like Jake Dekker who used it to grind from island to island.

Also, there’s baraturss on reddit who shared their experience of shieldboarding by pairing it with Bodyjar’s Not the Same (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate fans rise up).

(TotK) Shieldboarding is now a lot more fun with the Mine Cart!
by u/baraturss in Zelda

They’re not the only ones with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on their heads, as UnpropitiousPretext took their Zonai cart shield and added a bit of Goldfinger’s Superman.

Legend of Zelda: Pro Skater
by u/UnpropitiousPretext in tearsofthekingdom

Of course, skateboarding isn’t the only way to get around Hyrule – there’s also a Wing device, but it’s a little tricky to handle, so we have a guide that includes tips and some how to use it.