Real entertainment The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom probably lies in the ability to break the rules from time to time, like many fans keep demonstrating. And apparently, despite the game’s built-in flexibility, speedrunners are already thinking of additional ways to push the boundaries of the game and make the new Hyrule journey even easier.

It’s worth noting that most of these crashes are weird technical glitches that are neither reliable nor thoroughly tested, and we’re not even sure why some of them happen in the first place. These exploits may also be patched in any of the game’s future updates.

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The most notable glitches involved players using the frame mechanic to manipulate attack damage, item substitutions, and even item numbers (shout out to TotK – Archive of glitches and Tears of The Kingdom Speedrunners feud for their compilation).

IS GamSla341 who came across a method that allows you to deal unlimited damage while collecting weapons. AND Modoki_returns also discovered a similar frame transition trick that allowed them to perform the infinite duplication glitch while playing with the new fuse mechanic, effectively duplicating desired items at will.

Other failures are quite strange and non-standard. For example, there is an infinite antigravity glitch discovered Kaldemar which defies logic. Then there is steelFixed a bug that allows Link to sprint without a bow. And let’s not forget XerifAn opening that allows Link to stand in mid-air or on an invisible surface within himself. These glitches certainly add an extra layer of whimsy to an already multi-faceted experience.

Other glitches use the food benefits you get from cooking and buying meals, such as discovered Fabs. This glitch allows any food you buy to inherit the effects of the food you eat, and it doesn’t stop there—even additional foods will maintain and amplify these beneficial effects. It’s basically a glitch that allows you to accumulate buffs and become more powerful over a longer period of time.

There are a few glitches that haven’t made it to YouTube yet and are only available on exclusive Discord, but they’re just as heartbreaking. For example, one player named Consomme discovered a glitch that allows Link to walk through a door by maneuvering a bulky object away from the door and then using the rewind/recall ability where he was before, creating an ability similar to the ability to climb, but on a horizontal axis, and there are more discoveries to come thanks to the dedication of fans.

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