Bad guys in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are not going to make the same mistakes they did in A breath of wild nature. First, the Master Sword was destroyed, leaving Link without his most powerful weapon, and then when the Upheaval occurred, most of the weapons in Hyrule were damaged in some way, forcing our hero fusing random things together.

It’s pretty rare to find a weapon that’s powerful and in good condition, so when you do, you need to take extra care of it and use it sparingly. However, among the many powers that Link is endowed with is the power of duplication. Well, it’s not an actual power in the game, but one player seems to have found an exploit that duplicates weapons.


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As noticed Kotakua Twitter user Modoki_returns demonstrated how you can run a duplication exploit and get two powerful weapons for the price of one. Like many such glitches, this technique relies on hitting the game menu. Remember one important thing the weapon must be the strongest in your inventory for this method to work.

Here’s how you can duplicate weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

  1. Drop the weapon or shield you want to copy.
  2. Remove all weapons from both hands.
  3. Pick up an unknown weapon; one of the “???” above him
  4. When the information popup appears, press the + button on the right JoyCon.
  5. Sort items by pressing Y.
  6. Equip an item you don’t mind losing and leave an inventory tab.
  7. Open your inventory again, drop the item you don’t mind losing, and pick it up again.
  8. The item should now be a copy of the weapon you wanted to copy.

Yes, these steps are a bit cumbersome, but they’re worth it when your most powerful weapon breaks and you can just mine another one. You should get on this as soon as possible, as once Nintendo becomes aware of this, the exploit will likely be patched in an update. This exploit will be very useful in the early game, where the basic weapons are not that powerful.

Tears of the Kingdom screenshot: Link riding a horse pulling a wagon with citizens riding inside in front of the stable

While Nintendo has given players the ability to create anything they can imagine, it probably doesn’t want you to use exploits. For example, Tears of the Kingdom has Whistle sprint stunt removed which was used extensively in Breath of the Wild. This trick allowed Link to sprint indefinitely without draining any stamina.

This involved constantly pressing the whistle button while sprinting, resulting in the stamina meter not depleting. This was an important tool for speedrunners that will not be available in Tears of the Kingdom.

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