Desert Voe Armor in A breath of wild nature was one of those armor sets that was easy to miss, but not as vital as its wai counterpart: the Gerudo set. Thanks to the changes made by The Upheaval in the Tears of the kingdomplayers have the opportunity to obtain part of the Voe set before they set foot in the Gerudo wasteland.

The Voe Headband will be the first piece of armor that players will encounter in this set. Finding the two remaining pieces in Tears of the kingdom a link will be needed to find the secret Gerudo Club in Gerudo City. Unlike A breath of wild naturehe won’t need a password to log in. Instead, he’ll need a strong weapon and climbing ability.


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Kara Kara Bazaar: Desert Voe Headband

loz totk desert voe bandage

Although players can glide to Gerudo City, if they are close or have enough stamina, they can do so. However, it is recommended to visit Kara-Kara bazaar first. Here, players can talk to the named Gerudo merchant Saulwho sells Desert Voe Headband for 450 rupees.

Bazaar/shop coordinates is: -3273, -2551, 0023.

How to find Gerudo City

loz totk gerudo town

Saula will tell Link about a shop in Gerudo town called Fashion Passion where players can purchase the remaining two pieces of the Gerudo set (Desert Voe Shoulders and Desert Voe Pants). This is the same place where players could buy the second Gerudo set A breath of wild nature. Only this time, Gerudo City is completely abandoned and in ruins thanks to the Coup.

Take a look around Kara Kara Bazaar Sanctuary of Mayatat. Activate it to create a waypoint. Near this shrine there is a village Sand seal. Equip a shield that not merged with the Zonai equipment and approach the seal as as quietly as possible. When Link is close enough, press the A button when prompted. Straight to the side Desert riftbut avoid the sand pillars.

When Link ventures into the desert, the map will become static and unreadable. Those who find it difficult to navigate in the desert should follow the coordinates on the map, which is what happens No disappear.

Coordinates of the city of Gerudo: -3875, -2864, 0043.

If Link loses his sand seal, refer to the coordinates on the map in the lower right. Be careful with Gibdos and other enemies. It’s also easier to find Kara Kara Bazaar and Gerudo City if players activate first the Gerudo Canyon Skyview tower.

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Where to find the Desert Voe Shoulder Pad and the Desert Voe Pants

loz totk gerudo secret shop

Since there are no guards this time, enter. Here Soryotanog temple on top of the Gerudo leader’s room, so be sure to go up there and activate it before you leave. The next step is to search Gerudo’s Secret Shop. Even if the players remember where it is, Greta and Perda won’t open the door for Link.

Instead, head to the front gate and follow the dried up waterway. The coordinates is -3792, 2903, 0043:

loz totk water entrance gerudo set

Jump into the sewers and swim to breakable wall:

loz totkr waterway passing p2

Players will want to equip a weapon fused with a rock or boulder and destroy the wall. Go through here and break even more walls. There are enough clean stones to open them Rusty Claymore and some Rocks just in case Link’s current weapon breakdowns. Equip the Rusty Claymore, switch to Fuse capacityand combine them to create a Stone hammer.

Link should go left at the fork and climb the wall to another set of collapsible walls. Clear it and eventually players will see a room with three pillars (coordinates: -3796, -2924, 0032):

loz totk gerudo town waterways part 3

Switch to Lifting capacity, and climb to the ceiling above. Then the players will leave the floor Gerudo’s Secret Shop. On one side of the store are Desert Voe Spaulder and Desert Voe Pants. On the other hand are Sand boots and Snow boots.

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Gerudo Set Cost and Protection

The legend of zelda, tears of the kingdom, the desert, a set of everything

Gerudo armors are very expensive, but players should at least have enough for them Desert Voe Headband. If players just need heat-resistant armor, then first take the headband and get the rest of the parts later. Prices for parts of the Gerudo Set are as follows:

  • Desert Voe Headband: 450 rupees
  • Desert Voe Shoulder Bag: 1300 rupees
  • Desert Voe Pants: 650 rupees

* Each item in the Gerudo set has a base 3 Protection when bought

Those struggling to get Rs in Tears of the kingdom should sell your gems or find Blupees. The selling price of amber has fallen from Rs 30 to Rs 10 BotW to TotK, but selling a handful will be enough to land a Desert Voe Headband. Blupees seem to have gotten bolder during The Upheaval, and Link can find them almost anywhere in Hyrule. Sneak up to them and hit them with your weapon to make them drop green, blue, red or even purple rupees.

If the players are in the early stages Tears of the kingdomthen they should save their money and come back to get the Desert Voe Shoulders/Pants when they’re a little richer.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available for Nintendo Switch.