in addition to preventing not called for cancellation, Shemar Moore– CBS drama SWAT Found a new streaming home on Netflix, Submission deadline; termination period reported. The news comes after last week’s unceremonious cancellation and cancellation series by network. All five seasons of the series will be available to Netflix subscribers this May, and the current sixth season of the series is expected to be added to the platform in the fall. The the seventh season concludes the long-running series to the good.

As part of a deal for CBS SWAT, current seasons of series are available on Paramount+ several months after their run and end of broadcast. The first three seasons of the series are currently available to stream on Hulu. Meanwhile, on Netflix, SWAT co-author Sean Ryanlatest series, Night agentdelivered an impressive first season on the streamer, weekly top ten.


The team behind SWAT

SWAT follows Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Moore) as he takes the reins of the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit in Los Angeles. A former Marine born and raised in Los Angeles, he has the skills and love for the city to lead a division full of highly trained operatives. Also, as a black man, he often acts as a bridge between the police and the people, and the force protects and serves everyone. Considering his two sides, he is often torn between the “brothers in blue” and the local community as he navigates difficult topics in each episode. Based on the series 2003 film of the same name as well as the 1975 series of the same name.

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The show’s fifth season saw a surge in viewership on the network, and the news of the cancellation angered fans. However, the network read the room and instantly renewed the limited 13-episode series for a seventh and final season. The series is a fan favorite for its social commentary and accessibility procedural demonstration.

Ryan developed the procedural crime drama Aaron Rahsaan Thomas. It stars Moore as Hondo, Stephanie Sigman As Jessica, Jay Harrington David as “Deacon” Kay, Alex Russell James as “Jim” Street, Kenny Johnson Dominic as Luca, Peter Onorati as Jeff Mumford, David Lim As Victor Tan, Patrick St. Esprit as Commander Robert Hick, Amy Farrington as Lieutenant Detective Piper Lync and Rochelle Aytes.

There is currently no release date for season seven, but the season 6 finale will air on May 19. Seasons 1-5 will drop on Netflix on May 17th. You can watch the trailer below: