Supraland: Six inches smaller not really meant to exist—at least not like that.

Originally conceived as a DLC pack for a puzzle-filled sandbox adventure Supraland, creator David Munnich and his team improvised, experimented, reimagined and revised Six inches down into a larger, completely standalone sequel designed for anyone to dig into, whether they played the first game or not. Even better, this creation is playable today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and via Xbox Game Pass!

If you’re wondering if Supra Games’ latest little big adventure is right for you, here are five things to consider Six inches less design to help you decide.

It’s a connected underworld

Like the original Six inches down is a 3D first-person “metrovania” – a connected world filled with paths to discover and secrets or sub-areas that can only be accessed when you return with a new ability or item.

Unlike the original, Six Inches Underground takes place underground, so the atmosphere is a bit different. The paths are more defined and clear: caves and corridors connected by a central hub called Cagetown, where all the toy people who survived the terrible Rakening live.

The developers characterize the game as “55% exploration, 40% puzzle solving, and 5% combat” to give you a breakdown. Now to the other 45%…

Puzzles permeate everything

In the world of Six Inches Under, you’re always looking for puzzles—and you’ll quickly find yourself thinking of the environment, your abilities, and even physics itself as a tool for solving puzzles. To help with puzzle development, creator and lead developer David Munnich created 13 rules as a guideline that doubled as a 13-point “checklist” to help him and his team determine whether a puzzle was good or not.

David awards points for puzzles in which the players set the goal themselves without being told so, or for puzzles that use a mechanic the players are familiar with in an unexpected new way. The puzzle gets more points if players can complete the solution quickly after getting their “Aha!” moment, or if the outcome is more interesting than opening a door or turning on an elevator. For David, a good puzzle is around 8-10 points, and anything above that is rare. (And it’s sticky; the best puzzles in Six inches down top of 12.)

That 5% of combat… It’s there!

In another change of direction from the original game, you will encounter enemies that you will have to fight Six inches downbut here they hang out away from the puzzles – that way they won’t get in your way when you’re focused on figuring out how to fix that lever to hook up that battery to power the machinery behind the fence you’re not quite sure about yet , how to get.

And sometimes the combat is also a puzzle, as you use your pickaxe and other combat tools and abilities creatively, but as with any good puzzle, it’s more fun if you solve them yourself.

The end is just beginning

You can reach the finish line of the “main quest” pretty quickly, but as soon as the credits roll, it signals a new start. Whole new territories open up, full of secrets and surprises. In fact, some of Six inches downThe most difficult and rewarding puzzles are completely optional… including at least one of the team’s rare 12-point players. (Hint: look for showers on the beach.)

This is a landfill

Six inches down began life as a project to get the Supra Games team up to speed on Supra Games’ next big game, which is currently in development (and a full-fledged sequel). Superluminal. It quickly became a place to experiment, test and launch ideas through the spin-off. The result was something unexpected: a content-rich game worthy of standing as something not quite an expansion, not quite a sequel, and imbued with the creative spirit that indie games are known for.

Supraland: Six inches smaller came out today Buy it for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S or play it on Xbox Game Pass.

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Supraland: Six inches smaller

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Dive into the biggest and smallest adventure. Unearth what lies beneath the surface in Six Inches Under, Supraland’s new first-person adventure full of puzzles, exploration, interesting secrets, hundreds of gags, and two funny ones! In the miniature world, the monstrous Rakening scattered the inhabitants of Superland a full six inches below the surface of the sandbox! Turn your imaginations into toy boxes as the brave Blue Plumber and use your skills and ingenuity to survive and save your mates. You may be small, but it will definitely be one big adventure. Exploring the Underworld Unearth a connected underworld of toys that have survived past disasters. The caves are filled with secrets to discover and new areas to discover when you acquire the necessary tools and abilities to access them. First-person puzzle Solve problems in the environment using brains (and sometimes brawn). Use dexterous platforming to find secrets and hard-to-reach places, and use the power of physics to find creative ways to overcome obstacles. It’s a small world. Little things mean a lot to the people of Supraland. Turn a match into a lever that opens a door or a torch that ignites an obstacle. Power powerful machines with the latest in AAA battery technology, create chasm-sized crosscuts, and walk (literally!) on a razor’s edge. A great place to dig, Six Inches Under is a content-packed stand-alone sequel (not quite a sequel) to the original Supraland, made for everyone! You can dig into the game and enjoy it without playing the original. More Supraland to love If you dived into the original Supraland, you’ll discover many more of the puzzle-solving, Metroidvania-style explorations you loved, plus more skills, a new approach to combat, more extras, and a new original soundtrack.