Warning: The following contains SPOILERS Superman and Lois Season 3 premiere.New Fortress of Solitude Superman and Lois Season 3 has been revealed to have one more related update X-Men Compared to the Superman family. Superman has used various remote fortresses over the years, most of which are located in the Arctic Circle. These castles also contained many exotic features, from an alien zoo to an armory containing many of the weapons Superman had confiscated from his enemies over the years.

The new Fortress of Solitude first appeared in the film’s closing scene the Superman and Lois Season 2 finale, after Clark Kent throws a crystal into the ocean to grow a new castle to replace the one destroyed by Tal-Rho. This castle, Clark decided, would serve as a second home and would be open to everyone in the Kent family, not just him and his powerful son, Jordan. Despite this declaration, the first scenes showing the new castle focused on father and son training, and Clark revealing one of Jordan’s new castle upgrades. This update, while distinctly Kryptonian, seems to be inspired by it X-Men comics.

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Superman’s Fortress of Solitude Update Explained

Superman and Lois Season 3 Clark Kent Conducts Hologram Training for Jordan at the Fortress of Solitude

The new Fortress of Solitude features a training room with realistic holograms comparable to the X-Men’s danger room. After racing Jordan to a new one Fortress of Solitude To test his in-flight reflexes and force his son to crash into the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean, Clark assigns Jordan to face a virtual sparring partner at work. After scrolling through a display listing several of Superman’s enemies (including Mechano-Man and Titano), Clark reveals a hologram of the Atomic Skull to his still-soaked son.

It makes sense why Superman and Lois would borrow the X-Men Danger Room

X-Men Endangered (1)

While many versions of Fortress of Solitude have specialized gymnasiums where the Man of Steel can train well, Clark Kent Superman and Lois produced things like X-Men Danger Room to educate his son Jordan Kent is getting his superpowers. At Kent Farm, Jordan was able to master the basics of controlling his abilities by focusing his thermal vision on remote targets and farm equipment that clicked on the machine. However, teaching him how to safely use his powers in battle presented Superman with a unique challenge.

It makes sense that Clark would solve this problem by creating something similar X-Men Danger Room took advantage of his son’s love of video games while also allowing him to practice in secret. The holograms in Fortress of Solitude also teach Clark how to fight, even if it means teaching Jordan how to defend himself without raising a hand against his own son. allows you to make sure that ri has been taught. With Jordan’s powers increasing and his training regimen accelerating, he may finally take on the title of Superboy. Superman and Lois Season 3.

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