Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the culmination of Nintendo’s all-star action series featuring over 80 characters from video game history. Additionally, the title introduced a new concept to the series: Echo Fighters, rebranding some character variants as slight variations on existing characters like Dark Pit or Lucina.

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The game consists of several new Echo Fighters modeled after existing fighters such as Chrom from Fire Emblem AwakeningRichter Belmont from Castlevaniaand Ken from Street fighter. Assuming these special characters stick around in future installments, here are some changes we’d like to see in the next installments Super Smash Bros name.



10 Funky Kong

Funky Kong does a handstand

Super Smash Bros Ultimate reintroduced by King K. Rule as a long overdue addition to Donkey Kong franchise representation. However, there are still many memorable characters that can prove themselves as Echo Fighter. One of them is Funky Kong, Donkey Kong’s more casual ally who has appeared in many installments of the franchise.

Plus, Funky Kong even made his own Mario Kart debut in Mario Kart Wii. As Echo Fighter in Super Smash Bros., he could offer a much different play style than the strong heavyweight that is Donkey Kong. Maybe improved movement speed and some alternate special moves would be enough to shake up those familiar with DK’s moveset.

9 Birdo

Birdo racing Shy Guys

Birdo is one of the oldest characters in the mario franchise debuting in the Super Mario Bros. 2. Although she mainly appeared in mario side games as a female version of Yoshi, her existence in mario The universe even predates Mario’s dinosaur sidekick. It will be an excellent addition to Super Smash Bros. list as Echo Fighter of Yoshi.

There are many moves Birdo can possess that are different from Yoshi’s, such as the ability to shoot eggs from her mouth. Her options for movement could also be less buoyant than Yoshi, making her a more grounded fighter than her lightweight green counterpart. Considering Birdo has just been re-added Mario Kart 8 Deluxeher time to shine may come.

8 Impa

Impa is kneeling in Age of Calamity

It can be argued that out of all the potential The Legend of Zelda characters to add Super Smash Bros., Impa is the best character for herself. However, the inclusion of Sheik as a member of the Sheik Tribe in the series could mean that Impa could be relegated to the Echo Fighter in a future installment.

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Fortunately, Impa had an appearance in the game to complement Sheik’s moveset. I am younger than her Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity for example, already fights with teleportation and knives, while her Echo Fighter form can include new moves like using the Sheikah Slate to grab attacks or even during her Final Smash.

7 Coach Hoenn

Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip in ORAS

It would be pretty ambitious for Echo Fighter to essentially completely replace a character’s entire moveset, but it could be a possibility for Pokemon Trainer. Because Super Smash Bros Brawlthe Kantonian Pokemon Trainer team consisted of Squirtle, Ivysaurus, and Charizard, but perhaps Echo Fighter could have a new mix of starter Pokemon.

The third generation will probably be the best choiceconsidering that he is one of the most popular and has no representation on Super Smash Bros list. A lineup of Treecko, Marshtomp and Blaziken would definitely mix things up pokemon fans Also, who wouldn’t want to play as Blaziken in a Super Smash Bros tournament?

6 Shadow

Shadow is holding a gun

Sonic was a rather unexpected addition when he first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but today he is a welcome member of the Nintendo family. However, there are many more characters from his series that would make a great addition to it Super Smash Bros one of them is Sonic’s rival Shadow as Echo Fighter.

In his appearances throughout the series, Shadow has many similar moves to Sonic, including homing and the ability to run at top speed. It is unlikely that the character will be seen sporting a weapon as he does in his offline mode Shadow of the hedgehog game, but as a slightly different version of Sonic, he could pack a lot more punch in combat.

5 Glass of Joe

Glass Joe on the curb with a headdress

Punch Out!! have some of Nintendo’s most interesting characters representing their countries as they battle the underdog known as Little Mac. The main character of the short series finally debuted in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, as one of the most controversial fighters. His lack of ability to fight in the air made him quite a difficult threat in the series.

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Still, Little Mac’s shortcomings could be remedied in an Echo Fighter like Glass Joe. Although the character of Glass Joe is designed to be weak and easily defeated, he boasts strengths where Little Mac is weak, in exchange for the raw power of the original fighter. Also, it would be easier to translate than making King Hippo the Echo Fighter of Little Mac.

4 Jellyfish

Medusa in The Rebellion of Baby Icarus

It’s no secret that Masahiro Sakurai feels a lot of affection Baby Icarus: Rebellionwhich he created for the 3DS between them fray and SSB4. SSB4 later saw two new additions from the 3DS title: Dark Pit (who became Echo Fighter Pit) and Lady Palutena, Goddess of Light. However, Palutena can also get its own Echo Fighter.

For the first half of Baby Icarus: Rebellion, Medusa plays the role of the antagonist as the main threat to the world. Since Palutena is an Echo Fighter, her moveset could potentially include lost moves from Palutena’s variants SSB4, including the all-new Final Smash which potentially turns all enemies on the screen to stone for a period of time.

3 Micah

Micah in Fire Emblem Engage

Robin is unique Fire emblem representative as one of the few to use magic and tomes in his moveset. However, the mage class has been a staple of the franchise since the beginning of the series. Perhaps the excellent Echo Fighter for Robin will be another iconic caster from The Fire emblem series: Micah from Fire Emblem: Shining Dawn.

Micah is one of the main characters in this title, which inspired Ike’s costume Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Micah also recently appeared in the inheritance Fire emblem character of Fire Emblem Engagepotentially securing her place as a well-deserved representative of an already rich franchise in the Super Smash Bros.

2 Octoling

Octoling is sitting on a building

Inkling was a new addition to the Super Smash Bros Ultimatewhich represents Splatoon franchise However, their villainous counterparts the Octolings did not become playable until Splatoon 2 The DLC was released in 2018, so it’s too late to turn them into Echo Fighters Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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However, as of Splatoon 3Octolings are in-game variants of Inklings from when the game starts, that is until the next one Super Smash Bros With that being said, the Octoling could be an alternative to the Echo Fighter Inkling. It’s hard to say how different their playstyle would be, but maybe they would have access to weapons that Inkling doesn’t.

1 Ribbon girl

Ribbon girl celebration

WEAPON was an early title for the Nintendo Switch, although it was not introduced in Super Smash Bros Ultimate until Min-Min was added via DLC. However, given the large roster of characters, there are many possibilities for a potential Echo Fighter. The best option, based on the trend of previous Echo Fighters, might be Ribbon Girl.

Although Spring Man is the mascot of the series, he already appears as a Trophy of assistance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Other characters like Twintell, Max Brass, and Helix may also be too different from Min-Min to follow her overall playstyle and moveset. Meanwhile, Ribbon Girl might offer a slightly different version of Min-Min’s existing moveset.

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