Society, Rise of the Evil Deadand many more official accounts have shared a collection of hilarious memories of Summertime Lights, which is taking place across most of the US. Society especially being a part of these pranks. For six seasons, NBC and Yahoo! There’s a new movie coming to the screen and soon to arrive at the Peacock, with several jokes about the process, including Dean Pelton celebrating turning back the clock by dressing up as Tina Turner, and a poignant scene involving Annie and Troy consoling a mentally incapacitated Abed. change of time.


In honor of Daylight Savings, many official TV and movie accounts posted their own funny memories. This includes Society himself, who shared the iconic Dean Pelton clip. Other highlights include Anne Rice’s account of The Immortal Universe (which includes the hit series). A conversation with a vampire) to warn any undead bloodsuckers out there that there will be more than expected during the day, and Rise of the Evil Dead Playing the riff on the famous 1987 line “dead by dawn”. Evil Dead II. Check out a selection of memes below:

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Movie theaters are more concerned than ever today

Dante and Becky in Clerks III at the cinema


Once the clocks change, Daylight Savings can have a big impact. While it’s certainly not the worst thing, movie theaters can sometimes suffer due to the chaos surrounding show times. This, in addition to the general tiredness due to the loss of an hour of sleep, may mean that more people would rather stay home than go out and see a new movie in the theater. high performance releases such as Scream 6 and Creed III.

Today is not only a summer day (and the birthday of screen legend Liza Minnelli), but also the night of the Academy Awards. Although the ceremony has had trouble maintaining the viewership numbers of its golden era, the ceremony is still of great interest to many viewers around the world. Their number one audience is moviegoers, many of whom would rather go to the theater than stay at home on a Sunday night.

It is possible Society and the company was right to warn the public about daylight savings time, especially when it comes to movies. Another big house event airing tonight is the season 1 finale HBO The end of us. Adapted from the popular video game of the same name, the huge series competes with the Oscars, but both magnetically pull audiences away from theaters.

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