Want to know who tops the Street Fighter 6 roster? With a massive set and more characters to hit the scene post-release, it’s time to rank them in order of who would be the best World Warriors champion choice.

For now, this list comes with a big caveat. Given that only eight characters out of 16 are available in the fighting gamefull release and will be available throughout Street Fighter 6 betawe can only judge who those members are Street Fighter 6 List worth playing Naturally, this will be constantly evolving List of SF6 tiers when we deal with each character.

List of Street Fighter 6 levels

Here is the current list of Street Fighter 6 levels to launch:

Level Characters
WITH Luke, Ryu
AND Chun-Li, Guile, Jamie, Jury, Ken

Luke celebrates by pumping his fists because he's currently at the top of the Street Fighter 6 roster.


The two S-tier characters are here because they were playable Street fighter 6 World Tour demo so we have a chance to learn their moves and combos before the open beta. Additionally, they are both beginner-friendly characters with a range of powerful attacks and huge combo potential.

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Hatch has similar techniques, but he shines in his ability to fight well at both close and mid-range. He can annoy an opponent by shooting sand blasts to tempt them into jumping, to which he can respond with a rising uppercut. His punches also come in at a distance, allowing for some powerful combos. Compared to some characters in the beta, he suffers a bit from being hit, but if he does hit, it usually means he can set up for a strong combo. He ended up at the top of the roster in Street Fighter 5, and his moves seem even better in this game, making him the best character at the moment.

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RyuThe moves are basically the same as they have been for decades, but his moves in Street Fighter 6 are similar to Street Fighter III: Third Strike as he can use the High Blade Kick to knock enemies back. He has also mastered the Denjin Charge, which gives both Hadoken and Khashoggi electrical properties, making him surprisingly versatile. We think Ryu is the best he’s ever been. Even Daigoone of the greatest Street Fighter players of all time agrees with us on this one.

List of Street Fighter 6 Levels - Ken throws a peace sign at his opponent lying off-frame.


The rest of the characters have every chance of getting a high rating, but given that not many players have had the chance to use them for more than a few hours, it’s hard to tell them apart at this point. However, we have some caveats based on the list in beta.

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Chun-Li has great punch and combo potential like every other Street Fighter game she’s been in. The only downside to her is that her normal moves have a lot of cooldown, so if she misses you can easily punish her.


Cunning is another charge-based character, but is usually used for ranged combat. So if he can keep the enemies away, he will have an advantage.

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Ken is a very aggressive fighter who will have similar techniques to Ryu, but he excels in melee while Ryu has more ranged options.


Kimberly uses movement to close space quickly and can be unpredictable, making her a potential rising star in the SF6 roster. We will update when we have more information.

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Jamie has a more difficult fighting style considering he needs to consume his spirit potion to awaken his full strength and luscious locks.

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Juri needs some tweaking to unleash her most powerful techniques, but both she and Jamie have enormous potential in skilled hands.

This is the current list of levels for Street Fighter 6. When Street Fighter 6 Release Date finally, we’ll wrap up the SF6 tier list with the rest of the list and gather impressions based on the open beta. In the meantime, check out our Street Fighter 6 World Tour Preview for our thoughts on singleplayer.