League of geeks Solium Infernum revival was first revealed late last year and while I was to see a very early alpha version then the next demo was not yet ready for public use. Thankfully, League Of Geeks have now added the final bit of hell spit and polish to the first Solium gameplay trailer, which was shown during IGN Fanfest this week. Come and see.


In case you need reminding, Solium Infernum is a strategic game The action takes place in Hell, where you play as an Archfiend who fights for Satan’s empty throne. In addition to maneuvering armies of demon resurgents around its ashen hex landscape, you’ll be politicking with other Archfiends to achieve the same goal, making deals, backstabbing them, and generally outwitting them to claim your infernal prize.

In my alpha, I saw four archfiends in action: Andromalia (the blonde fallen angel from the trailer), Lilith (the feathered harpy), Astaroth (the large armored demon prince), and Belial (the horned smug vizier). the type whose fingers seem to be clenched into a permanent spire). However, in this new trailer we get to see two more: Murmur, an angry winged marquis whose helmet appears to have the Eye of Sauron on it, and Erzebeth, a princess with big red eyes and a flair for Elizabethan fashion.

In the trailer, you can see a couple of them hissing and clucking on diplomatic menu screens, and you’ll be staring at their ugly mugs for a long time as you plan your turns. You can also see legion battles in full swing where 100 strong demon hordes clash on the fields of hell in fully simulated passages.

Even better, we also get to see some of his Titans in action, which are powerful units that can be called into battle if you get the right ritual spell and statuette. When I spoke with League Of Geeks co-founder Trent Custers last year during Solium’s first launch, he said that Titans is something new they’re bringing to their version of Solium Infernum, but that a lot of it is based on the most powerful and devastating of the original game. legions, so there might be a few familiar faces if you’re a die-hard Soliumist.

There’s currently no word on when Solium Infernum will enter Early Access, but League Of Geeks reports that it’s slated for sometime later this year, so we’ll let you know as soon as we know more. In the meantime, you can check out more about it at steam.