Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 makes Gorn even scarier than Season 1. The Federation had no official first contact with the Gorn. Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Arena”, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds it seems to be making some changes to the timeline. Not only did they introduce the Gorn much earlier, but they also made significant changes to the Gorn as a species. In Strange new worldsThe Gorn have been transformed into truly evil villains, attacking civilizations without provocation.


Captain Pike (Anson Mount) recounts his harrowing encounter with Lt. Laan Noonien-Singh (Christina Chong), head of security on the USS Enterprise, Gorn. Strange new worlds Episode 4, “Memento Mori”. His colony ship was attacked by the Gorn as a child and he was the only survivor. Laan is a seemingly strong and fearless character, so his fear of Gorn is understandable. Strange new worlds Season 1 made the Gorn a more formidable foe than they already are, and from the looks of the trailer, Season 2 will make them even more formidable.

How Strange New Worlds Season 2 Makes Gorn Even Scarier

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Spock Gorn

With their updated history Strange new worlds season 1, Gorn became a more formidable enemy. Of course, one of the reasons for this is that modern CGI and special effects make the Gorn look scarier and more realistic, but Strange new worlds Updated more than just the appearance of the Gorn. In Strange new worlds It was revealed in Season 1 that the Horns can spawn in humanoid hosts, much like the aliens in Ridley Scott. A foreigner movies. Horns look to warm-blooded species as their food source and hunt humanoid species for sport, rarely surviving. Now, apparently, the Gorn can survive in the vacuum of space.

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In Strange new worlds The Season 2 trailer shows Spock on a spacewalk, with the Gorn closing in on him. This refers to the tense scene where Spock fights the Gorn in space. If the Gorn can survive the vacuum of space, this opens up new ways for them to terrorize the humanoids. As a type of truly terrifying reptile that cannot be reasoned with Gorn becomes a formidable foe For the Enterprise crew to challenge. Their updated history and scary appearance (with the addition of the ability to survive in a vacuum) Strange new worlds Made Gorn something to be truly feared.

Will Kirk meet the Gorn in Strange New World Season 2?

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Perhaps one of the biggest questions surrounding the Gorn is whether or not Lt. James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) will encounter one of the alien reptiles. In classic Star Trek: The original series In the episode “Arena”, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) says in the captain’s log: “I face a creature the Metrons call a Gorn. (…) I must fight to remember that this is an intelligent, highly evolved entity, a starship captain like myself, who is undoubtedly a dangerously intelligent opponent.” This statement implies that Kirk and his crew have never met the Gorn before. But Strange new worlds could show Lt. Kirk Pike’s face with the Gorn while aboard the USS Enterprise.

However, Strange new worlds Carving out a new canon between Starfleet and the Gorn, I hope it still fits TOS. Strange new worlds The Gorn redesign updates the alien lizards, but there may be more than one species of Gorn, and Captain Kirk may encounter other species. TOS. Whatever the answer, the Gorn crew, who can now survive in the vacuum of space, have become an even more formidable new enemy. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds stand against

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 premieres Thursday, June 15 on Paramount+.