Star Trek: Strange New Worlds could right one of the franchise’s biggest mistakes by revisiting Sybok, Spock’s half-brother introduced in Star Trek V.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 could right one of the franchise’s biggest mistakes by revisiting Sybok, Spock’s half-brother. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Played by famous stage actor Laurence Luckinbill, Sybok was a Vulcan revolutionary, rejecting the teachings of logic in favor of emotional acceptance. He was exiled from Vulcan and Spock never mentioned it before these events The final frontier.

Sybok had developed telepathic abilities that he could use to force people to let go of pain. In fact, Sybok used these powers to recruit followers to find Sha Ka Ri from Vulcan mythology, where all existence is said to have begun. Sybok was able to convert most of Kirk’s crew to his cause and took command of the USS Enterprise-A before realizing that he was following a false god. Sybok sacrificed himself to save Star TrekSpock and his friends from an evil alien entity.

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Take down Star Trek V Sybok

Sybok meets Spock

Luckinbill’s performance as Sybok is one of the few positives Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Directed by William Shatner, the film experienced a troubled production from the start. Upon release, the film was a critical and commercial bomb, nearly ending the film’s run TOS film franchise is on a decidedly sour note. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry he was never shy about criticizing the film franchise, but he was unusual in his self-loathing. The final frontiereven its suggestive aspects were apocryphal.

The poor overall quality of the film is a shame because Sybok is a genuinely interesting character played with messianic charm by Luckinbill. The relationship between Spock and Sybok was the most interesting plot of the film and should have been given more attention. There is nothing worth saving The final frontierbut Sybok is clearly a missed opportunity.

Strange New Worlds has already teased a better Sybok story

Sybok strange new worlds

Full of action Strange new worlds The Season 1 episode “The Serene Squall” unexpectedly set the stage for Sybok’s return. A band of pirates led by the double captain Angel controls the Enterprise, only Spock and Nurse Christine Chapel evading capture. Captain Angel demands the release of Xavier, their romantic partner, a resident of the Vulcan Rehabilitation Center.

At the last second, Spock manages to defeat Angel, who escapes from the Enterprise. Through a few contextual clues, Spock is able to determine that Xavier is an alias for Sybok. What factors into the future of Sybok Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It hasn’t been revealed yet, but the character is now in much safer hands and is redeemable three decades after her debut story crashed and burned.

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