Hi, my name is Gareth Damian Martin, and I’m the solo developer of Citizen Sleeper, one of the most beloved indie games of 2022, coming to PS4 and PS5 on March 31st. It’s been a wild ride since its release last May and I’ve been blown away by the support, positive press and award nominations. As a long-time PlayStation player, I’m very excited to finally present the game with all DLC for PS4 and PS5.

Complete and extended

Citizen Sleeper has only grown since its release and continues this trajectory with three episodes of DLC that reveal the world and its stories. In the first episode, Flux, a flotilla of refugees arrived at the game’s ring-shaped space station Erlin’s Eye. In episode 2, Refuge, a new threat to the station’s future was revealed. The PlayStation version will launch alongside the third and final Purge episode, which wraps up the flotilla story and the wider game. This means that players who start the game on March 31st will have access to the full game and all of its DLC right from the start.

There were roles

But what are you getting yourself into if you decide to build a life on the Eye of Erlin? Citizen Sleeper is a sci-fi RPG, but it’s unlike anything you’ve played before. Inspired by tabletop role-playing games, each “cycle” will have you rolling dice and then deciding how best to use them.

From bar change for a few extra chips to investigating a station-wide conspiracy, everything in the game uses dice to determine the outcome. The result is a sprawling world filled with multiple paths and endings, as well as a whole host of characters to meet. You’ll need to think carefully about which dice you use for what, and face the consequences of bad rolls and tough decisions.

Allies and opponents

Character design is a big part of what made players fall in love with Citizen Sleeper. To create a diverse cast of lifeguards, bartenders, cooks, mercenaries, and more, I worked with French comic artist Guillaume Singellin. Guillaume’s art brings a beautiful human touch to the sometimes melancholic and harsh world of Citizen Sleeper, and you get to choose which of the fascinating characters you want to spend time with.

That’s what Citizen Sleeper is all about—building life and community in a sci-fi world that feels human and emotionally powerful. I hope you’ll give the game a try on March 31st and join the 500,000 already live on The Eye and counting.