Storm Reid, who played Riley in the final episode of The Last of Us, talks about the emotional filming of the show’s latest episode, Left Behind.

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(Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for episode seven our last “Stay behind”.)The latest episode The end of usTitled Left Behind, this game might be the most revered game yet, as Ellie (Bella Ramsay) was bitten while exploring an abandoned mall with his best friend Riley.Storm Reid) is an almost direct repetition of the events Stay behind DLC for the game. left behind by Neil Druckman, co-creator of the game and the show, reveals how two best friends figure out where their friendship will go as Riley leaves Boston’s quarantine zone and joins a group of firefighter rebels. QZ. The hour-long episode is one of the most emotional episodes of the series, taking us away from the Joel-Ellie dynamic and showing what could be the most important moment in Ellie’s life; not only because he found out he was immune to the infection, but also because he embraced the part of himself that he hid from his best friend.


Collider Perry Nemiroff Storm Reid recently spoke with her co-star Bella Ramsey about Left Behind, and when asked about Reid’s co-star, Reid said, “Yeah, she’s great,” adding, “I think it’s innate. to be dodgy. And I’m honored to share the screen with him. Total credit.”

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From there, the conversation entered major spoiler territory. Given the similarity between The Last of Us: Left Behind video game and Our last On the show, Reid was asked about the “two options” dialogue in the episode and about taking the source material and making it his own. Reid replied:

“Yes, I know this scene is something people love, it’s heartbreaking and people talk about it all day, every day on Twitter. So of course we wanted to do justice to this scene and didn’t want to change it in any way. But it was a feeling, and I think we had to respect each other and respect each other’s feelings and listen to each other. I think this scene was huge in the audition. It was beautiful, it was heartbreaking, and even though it was one of the last scenes of the episode, it was one of the last scenes we shot. So it was very emotional. We were sad to leave each other. I wanted to leave Canada, but it was a wonderful experience to share this moment with Bella.

But the biggest question surrounding Riley is what would happen if he and Ellie were able to escape the mall together and move on with their lives? When asked what would have happened if Riley hadn’t been bitten at the mall, Reid said:

“I think they would have been best friends no matter what their relationship was — we don’t know — but I think Riley would have been there for Ellie and protected her and said, ‘To save each other. I would like to go on this trip. And I hate that it’s over. I hate that it’s over so soon.”

While Riley and Ellie never saw where their story would go when they were together, Riley’s memory never left Ellie. New episodes Our last premieres Sundays on HBO and HBO Max. Check out our interview with Reid in the player above.