A series about a resort where Pokemon are guests.

pokemonThe anime is currently going through its biggest period of change in its 25-year history, as Ash and Pikachu say goodbye and are replaced. In addition to the new series starting in Japan this April, The Pokemon Company has also announced that it will launch a brand new stop-motion series called Pokemon Concierge.

Announced during today’s Pokemon Presents, a presentation celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of the first games, Pokemon Concierge was created in conjunction with Netflix. Very little has been revealed about what to expect from the new series, though we did get a sneak peak at what to expect from it when it eventually hits the streaming service.


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The video shows a clay duck walking along the beach, leaving little duck tracks behind. Psyduck is joined by a woman, likely his trainer or possibly a resort concierge, standing next to the Pokemon and looking up at the sky. While the narrator spoke in Japanese, the subtitles suggested that the show would be based on an island where the Pokémon would be guests.

While almost everything that has gone before when it comes to Pokemon shows has been anime-style, there is a bit of precedent when it comes to stop-motion and clay animation of Pokemon. There have been clay Pokemon cards in the past, and Psyduck’s sneak peek at Pokemon Concierge suggests that the “mon” in the Netflix show will look a lot like the cards.

Pokemon Presents was predictably packed with a lot of things to look forward to in the coming months. Perhaps the most noticeable the highly anticipated arrival of Pokemon Sleep launching later this year. A new version of some original Pokemon cards was also presented as part of a special collection of the publication, according to its creators, created for a lifetime.

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