Caution! SPOILERS for Station 19 Season 6, Episode 10.The Firehouse team never really liked Maya’s replacement, Captain Beckett, though Station 19 Season 6’s long-running storyline centered around him drinking without seeking help at work has gone on too long and is now hurting the team. Beckett (Josh Randall) has already been accused of drinking on the job Station 19 By Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) in season 5, the accusations were related to Beckett and Sullivan’s career conflicts rather than Beckett’s actions. However, Station 19 In Season 6, Beckett makes one mistake after another, while confronting his fellow firefighters for drinking on the job, which calls for a storyline to resolve.


Since his arrival as the captain of Station 19 Station 19 In the Season 5 premiere, the team has never liked Beckett because of his attitude and the fire-fighting type of management he represents. Considering that he also replaced Maya, her problems with Kareena Station 19 It started with Maia’s demotion and losing his career as he saw it in time, it would be difficult for the team to get used to him as captain and his lack of leadership. However, once Beckett began doing what he was accused of, things went from bad to worse when most, if not all, of his subordinates disobeyed his orders.

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Station 19 is destroying the team with Beckett still as captain

Jayna Lee Ortiz as Andy, Barrett Doss as Vic and Carlos Miranda as Theo Season 19 Episode 6 Episode 10

station 19, In Season 6, Episode 10, Andy tries to find the best side of Beckett as he hopes to lead the fire department. However, Andy’s best efforts never solved the problems that arose over time, which initially stemmed from the team not accepting him as captain, but more recently Beckett’s short-sighted decisions and the team calling them that. admitted. Andy’s willingness to act as a peacemaker and accept his team’s grievances and carry out Beckett’s orders could only go so far. station 19, Season 6especially with the team feeling as broken as ever and unable to trust their captain.

Since then, Station 19 has been described as a dedicated firehouse Station 19premiere, because the team felt like a family. The Firehouse A team would always have trouble accepting outsiders as captains, but Sullivan was named captain. Station 19 Season 2 finally brought the team to accept him as he tried to understand them and become a part of the team. However, Beckett never showed that he was ready for this and always acted as if he knew better, but also refused to admit his own shortcomings. Calling out Theo Beckett for his terrible judgment furthers the disintegration of Station 19’s team.

Beckett’s story of alcoholism in Station 19 is not giving him a chance to get better

Josh Randall as Sean Beckett Season 19 Episode 6 Episode 10

Unlike Sullivan’s story Station 19 Season 3 or even Maya’s mental health crisis, which she ignored until she couldn’t anymore, led to this. Diana’s return Station 19the Grey’s Anatomy the spinoff isn’t giving Beckett a chance to improve. This was the case when Sullivan falsely accused Beckett of drinking on the job, when Sully instructed Beckett on where to find AA meetings and what he found helpful. However, Station 19 Now, what everyone feared is happening, Beckett’s deterioration, neglect, refusal to get help, and those around him not making him feel safe about it?

Beckett’s death station 19, Season 6, Episode 10 may lead Beckett to ask for help. However, his defensiveness towards Theo and his choice to drink on shift suggest that Beckett has not chosen to improve. Given how long the problem has lasted, Station 19 This needs to be fixed quickly, even if it means assigning another captain to Station 19.

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