Steven Spielberg says he cried when he first saw The Fablemans actors Michelle Williams and Paul Dano in their parents’ dresses.

Steven Spielberg reveals his emotional reaction to the sight Fablemen actors Michelle Williams and Paul Dano in costume for the first time. The characters are based on Spielberg, although under the guise of a different surname Fablemen Williams and Dano play semi-fictionalized versions of the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s real-life parents, largely following his own life and early filmmaking career.

As the film prepares for Oscar season, Steven Spielberg sat down for an interview The Late Show with Stephen Colbert discuss Fablemen.


Discussing the experience of bringing his family’s story to the screen, Spielberg said he cried the first time he saw it. Fablemen Actors Williams and Dano, in costume, were emotionally reminiscent of their real-life parents and were surprised by how close they looked. Check out Spielberg’s full description of the experience:

“Mark Bridges[the Fabelmans’ costume designer]came to me and said, ‘I have Paul and Michelle’s hair, makeup and costumes.’ I turned around and my father and mother were there and I started crying. Likewise. I hadn’t even thought about it. That’s how it happened. Michelle ran to me and hugged me. Paul came around behind me – he’s very tall – put his arm around my shoulders and just grabbed me.

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How do Fabelmans do at the Oscars?

Fabelman characters in the theater and behind the camera.

Being his most personal film, Fablemen was a bit outside of Spielberg’s usual dramatic range. It worked out well for Spielberg as the coming-of-age drama continued received widespread critical acclaim. Fablemen continued won seven Oscars nominations. These nominations included Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actress for Williams, Best Supporting Actor for Judd Hirsch, Best Original Screenplay, Best Production Design, and Best Dream Picture.

Everything Everywhere At Once The Daniels directors may have suffered an upset on Oscar night, but so far Spielberg is the favorite to win Best Director at the 95th Academy Awards, especially after the Golden Globes. In a category loaded with first-time Best Director nominees, Spielberg is the most veteran force in the category. Fablemen It’s in many ways a celebration of Spielberg’s early cinematic journey, so giving Spielberg an Oscar can feel as much a lifetime achievement award as the Academy Award for Best Director.

As for the other categories, yes less clear how Fablemen evaluates. Once upon a time, the best photo was considered a favorite, Fablemen recently beaten by Everything Everywhere At Once at several major award ceremonies. This is a sign of goodness Everything Everywhere At Once‘s Oscar chances, but with power behind FablemenThe big win at the 95th Academy Awards is sure to be an interesting race.

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