Nottingham forest boss Steve Cooper He said his side cannot allow the outcome of Everton’s game with the Wolves to affect their preparations for their clash with the Wolves. Arsenal.

welcome to the forest gunners To the City Ground on Saturday night, knowing that if Everton lost at Molineux earlier in the day, a victory for them would ensure their survival.

Even if they lose against Arsenal, they can be almost safe if: West Ham Defeated Leeds and lost at Leicester Newcastle.

Cooper is wary, however, that the attention is diverted anywhere other than in an extremely difficult match against Mikel Arteta’s side.

“I understand, but it could also be the other way around,” Galli said, referring to Everton’s loss. “Ultimately, it’s about trying to take everything we can from our game. It’s great if things outside of us help us, but other teams will be thinking the same about our game.

“We have one of the toughest games you can go to, no doubt about it.

“There’s a lot of thought you can do outside of your own game and the impact it can have, but you still have to go and play the game, and whatever happens before and after, the biggest commitment of the weekend should depend on what we do.” To do.

We have one of the hardest matches you can play, no doubt about it

Steve Cooper

“Anything can happen this weekend, and so I think we need to be careful not to let your mind wander too far, good or bad. It’s dangerous, we just have to focus on the game.

“We are in control of our game and performance, our decision-making and what we do. All other things and what we want to achieve and be is motivation, but you should focus on what gets your motivation and result.

“Of course you have to understand the context and we do too, but I don’t want the ‘if’ context for better or worse or in between. It’s at the forefront of our minds, what it takes to be at our best because we need to be against Arsenal.”