Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Steamforged Games has announced their next big IP collaboration and will be bringing the very popular ER to Kickstarter!

Yes, you understood me correctly. You’ll be running a trauma ward saving lives while trying to collect ridiculous medical bills so you can pay for your medical malpractice insurance. The game will rely heavily on miniatures, allowing you to put yourself in the shoes of fan favorites like Doug Ross, Peter Barton or Kerry Weaver, diagnosing patients and…

Mmm, wow… that’s embarrassing. This is a different ER. Okay, let me start over.

You Wish you had Doug Ross, Peter Burton and Kerry Weaver with you to revive you over and over again while you die MANY times by experiencing Steamforged Games’ newest board game – ELDEN RING!

Although the start date of the Kickstarter campaign will be announced soon, a few details about the game have been provided. Elden Ring will support one to four players, but this does not include co-op or competitive play. I assume it will be both as you can either help or hunt players in the video game. The game will have familiar locations and characters from the game world. Finally, the combat will be challenging (as is the game) and… drumroll please… no dice!

Steamforged continues the tradition of adapting video games to the tabletop world. They started with Dark Souls in 2016 and have since created games based on Resident Evil 2, Horizon Zero Dawn (review here), Resident Evil 3 (review coming soon!), Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil. to name a few.

I look forward to future news related to this highly anticipated game in the coming months.

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