Grab your favorite pair of woolen socks, Survivors – it’s time to explore the wilds of the Outback!

Today, Hinterland is excited to introduce a new product Tales from a distant land Survival Mode Expansion Pass for Xbox with the first paid content for the popular survival game Long darkness. This update includes two incredible content changes – Part one: Abandoned airfield and Part Two: Signal Void.

North Light

Adventures in the Far Land begin with Part one: Abandoned airfield. Explore an all-new airfield region with a vast cold plain, an airport with hangars and a control tower, and new mysteries waiting to be explored. Keep an eye out for Glimmer Fog and the new Insomnia Affliction, explore new rifle variants, and enjoy the stunning new Survival music from Sasha Dikitsian, composer of award-winning music for games including The Long Dark, The Division 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mass Effectand more.


Part Two: Signal Void introduces the first “Narrative”, offering players in survival mode new objectives to complete while weaving in compelling narrative elements. Explore the tale with new transponder gameplay and use the Handheld Shortwave to pick up mysterious signals that lead to hidden caches, crash sites, and more. Signal void also introduces three new clothing items – a hockey jersey, a leather flight jacket and a matching aviator hat. You’ll find them scattered around Ursa Major, exploring locations and looking for containers. Be careful, survivors… you might even discover a few unexpected items that can only be found with a handheld shortwave device.

Tales from a distant land will continue to receive numerous updates throughout the 12-month campaign, including new regions, new gameplay, all-new objective-based tales, and more. Additionally, each installment will also include free updates for anyone who already owns the Survival Edition.

For a sneak peek at your next survival adventure, check out the trailer Tales from a distant land at the top of this post.

To begin your journey into the Outback and access some great new content, visit the Xbox Store today!

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The Long Darkness is a thoughtful exploration and survival experience that forces solo players to think for themselves as they explore a vast icy wasteland. Monitor your condition, find lifesaving supplies, and learn survival skills like starting fire, maintaining your gear, hunting, fishing, and navigating landmarks. There are no zombies, just you, the cold, and whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. The hit Steam Early Access sandbox is the first survival game available on Xbox One!