During The Clone Wars, there may be hints about the Darksaber’s secret weakness that The Mandalorian Season 3 could expand on and clarify.

Darksaber, the legendary sword in the heart Mandalorian, may have a hidden weakness – known to Palpatine and Darth Maul. Entered Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Darksaber was forged long ago by Mandalorian-Jedi Tarre Vizsla. This is the leadership ancestor of the Mandalorians, passed down from one leader to another. Now it found its way to Dean Djarin, who had no idea what it meant when he unwittingly took possession of the Darksaber.

According to reports, the rightful owner of the Darksaber will win the fight. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Darksaber was originally wielded by Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla. His alliance with Darth Maul and his team of shadows ended badly for the Mandalorians. Darksaber duel between Vizsla and Maul in which the former Sith apprentice won. Maul claimed power over Mandalore by possessing the Darksaber. Interestingly, Maul’s time with the Darksaber hints that the weapon may be more limited than many think.

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Both Palpatine and Darth Maul chose not to use the Darksaber

Darth Maul with Darksaber.

Ironically, Darth Maul has used the Darksaber several times. After killing Vizsla, he used it to kill Duchess Satine Kryze. He then continued to use his original lightsaber when dueling with Palpatine, but drew the Darksaber as a last resort after Palpatine killed his brother Savage. Although Maul eventually gets the Darksaber back during canon Son of Dathomir After escaping from Palpatine’s prison, when he returned to Mandalore he wielded a modified version of his classic sword, not the Darksaber. It was a knife Maul used against Ahsoka inside Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7.

Even weirder, Maul created a new lightsaber from the Inquisitor’s blade. Star Wars Rebels Sabine Wren kept the Darksaber as a trophy before taking it from her home on Dathomir. Thus, Maul used the knife only when practical or in times of great need and desperation. Even weirder, when Palpatine defeated Maul, he chose to leave the Darksaber in Mandalore – where it was retrieved by Maul’s loyalists. It’s strange, because Palpatine – always hungry for power – could claim a rare blade for himself. Given the Darksaber it is Star Warsonly the black swordThe Emperor would surely understand that this made him the absolute ruler of another world.

What did Palpatine and Maul know (or learn) about the Darksaber?

Star Wars The Clone Wars Maul and Palpatine Darksaber

It is believed that the Darksaber could serve as a weapon of the dark side to the Sith, especially if it has an obsidian crystal that matches the characteristics of the traditional red saber used by the Sith Lords. However, Maul and Palpatine’s strange behavior surrounding the Darksaber implies that they both know something that the audience currently does not. Somehow they both knew the Darksaber was a weapon they preferred not to use – as if they knew their weaknesses. It is known that the Darksaber requires its wielder to surrender and accept its power in order to use it effectively, so perhaps it is a level of subjugation. Cannot be reached by a Sith Lord.

The use of the Darksaber may have been frowned upon by Maul and Palpatine since it was created by a Mandalorian-Jedi. At least Maul certainly seemed to value it more as a means of gaining power in Mandalore than as an actual weapon during this period. Star Wars time table. Anyway, when will the audience get more details about the Darksaber? Mandalorian Season 3 will begin airing on March 1st.

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