One of the elements that do A star citizen Sci-fi fans love how spaceships and vehicles interact with each other. You can have larger ships carry smaller ones and physically and seamlessly move between them, creating a multiplayer experience similar to an aircraft carrier game.

WITH introducing the Mirai Fury earlier this week, players got a real taste of that promise for the first time. While actual carriers are coming but not yet implemented, and players can already carry one or even a couple of smaller fighters on larger ships, the Mirai Firy is small enough that you can fit a few on the largest ships, and it’s well armed enough , to create a viable strike force.

This means that large vehicles such as the Drake Caterpillar or fuel tankers with massive trunks such as the MISC Starfarer can now act as pocket vehicles. It’s actually quite realistic, as the original aircraft carriers in the real world were actually mostly converted ships.

This is the same video by YouTube user Hybrid V Audio and the organization “Forgotten Messengers” (Star Citizen’s equivalent of a guild) showcase. Not only do they deploy (quite professionally) their strike group with the Caterpillar and Starfarer acting as the carrier, but they do it with a full crew, including pilots and even players acting as marshals. It’s pretty awesome and definitely shows the potential of this type of game.

By the way, the game is celebrating now Invictus launch week eventso you can try it out for a few days without having to make a purchase.


At this time, A star citizenThe growing crowdfunding campaign continues to grow and the grand total is nearing 576 million dollars ($575,704,523 as of this writing) raised by sponsors.

The number of registered users just passed 4.6 million and now stands at 4,608,274, although not all of them are paying, as many register accounts to access free flight events like the one going on right now. According to the latest information shared by creative director Chris Roberts himself in October 2022, 1.7 million players are actually paying customers. Of course, this number a few months ago is probably higher now.

Full disclosure: The author of this post supported Star Citizen back when its crowdfunding first launched in September 2012.