Nintendo reveals the dates of the next limited time Splatoon 3 A Big Run event that will take place during the Summer Sizzle season. Splatoon 3 has been very positively received by the game since its release last year, and Nintendo has supported the title with regular updates and events. It consists of various multiplayer modes that appeal to a variety of fans, from standard team battles to focused on the Salmon Run cooperative. The next limited-time Salmon Run has been announced for next month.


For the uninitiated, Splatoon 3A big run is a time-limited online event where players battle waves of salmon to collect golden eggs. Unlike the normal changes in Salmon Run, which have their own unique stages designed for the mode, in Big Run, these changes occur in certain stages that are usually reserved for modes like Turf War, Anarchy Battle, or X Battles. The first iteration took place in December, and the second in April. The third iteration of this event has been announced along with the dates.

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This was announced on Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter account, where players will need to fend off salmon in the Undertow Spillway. The Undertow Spillway is one of the new stages that was introduced during Splatoon 3Running with Ink Rails and sponge obstacles. In-universe, it’s an abandoned bypass that’s been renovated into a stage for a turf war. Fans will be able to participate in this change, which will run from June 10th to June 12th, and a special reward will be available for those who participate.

  • Saturday, June 10 to Monday, June 12, 2023

Nintendo of Europe’s tweet also notes a big change to the Big Run, where Splatoon 3 players will receive double the amount of fish scale than they earned from previous changes. This change will remain in effect as future events will also pay out this revised fish scale figure. Splatoon 3fish scales is a form of currency usually earned by fighting King Salmon during extra waves during the Salmon Run that can be exchanged for various prizes at Grizzco.

The last two The Big Run events featured big bosses of Royal Salmon for players to fight during these changes, including the Cohozuna enemies, the Kaiju-style Cohock, and the Horrorboros enemies during the second Big Run event. While another unique King Salmon has yet to be revealed, there could be another terrifying foe to showcase before the start of this June.

Splatoon 3 now available for Nintendo Switch.

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