How soon will Charizard get his new form?

Rumor is around next generation release to Nintendo Switch which is gaining signs of legitimacy, also promised new Terastal forms for several monsters that appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The same controversial 4chan post that announced Nintendo’s next console indicates that new forms of several Pokemon will appear with The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero expansion. announced earlier this week.

Centro LEAKS, a reliable source of underground Pokémon information on Twitter, first spotted the post on March 1, but many followers remained skeptical. The source claimed to be the same leaker who previously leaked the DLC content that will be released this fall. But since the post was posted on 4chan, a forum known for keeping its comments anonymous, there seemed to be little opportunity to verify its source. However, Centro LEAKS seems confident that the two posts were from the same source, basing this judgment on the MD5 hash that appeared on the 4chan post, saying that “it was a clever way to identify yourself” and noting that it left the window is open for more potential leaks in the future.


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Terastalizing is a technique introduced in the long-running Pokemon series last year in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In addition to a standard type, each Pokemon also has a Tera type, which gives it different strengths and weaknesses if you activate its Terastalized form during battle, as well as a crystal headdress and body covering. The leak seems to indicate that several Pokemon will receive special cosmetic forms when they undergo the temporary Terastallization transformation.

While much of the community remains skeptical, those who believe the rumors are at a loss as to what to make of the news. Some are confused as to exactly what one of these special terra forms is, and whether they will receive full cosmetic changes similar to the Gigantamax forms given to certain monsters in Pokemon sword and shield. Several others created a wish list of Pokemon they’d like to see in a new form, while many others rather sardonically expressed their anticipation for yet another form of Charizard.

The leak also claims that additional DLC content for Scarlet and Violet will arrive in 2024. However, Centro LEAKS isn’t sure if this points to a completely unannounced third set of DLC, or if the second round, already announced for winter 2023, will arrive late. Despite the trust of Centro LEAKS and other reliable sources like Fashionable hat Khuthere has been no word from Nintendo, GameFreak or The Pokemon Company about the alleged new forms.

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