Players frustrated by performance issues in Outer Worlds: Cosmonaut’s Choiceand are now bombarding the game with negative reviews on Steam (other platforms may have similar problems, according to Reddit posts). The private developer department responded to some of those who sent support inquiries expressing concern, saying that the team is currentlyinvestigating the problem.

The main complaint seems to be the game’s inability to maintain a consistent frame rate above 30 even for players with top-of-the-line RTX 4090 graphics cards. In contrast, the previous version of the game could reach up to 70 FPS, with some players running the game at 100 FPS in certain configurations.

Additionally, players on Steam are reporting that the stuttering issue is not limited to entering new areas, but also occurs during combat and dialogue, or anything that involves loading textures; Even skipping the dialog box can sometimes cause the menu to flicker.

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The release promises “higher resolution graphics, a dynamic weather system, updated lighting and environments, improved performance and load times, improved character detail, increased level capping, and more,” but reports of stuttering are preventing fans from enjoying these new benefits.

Global lighting is actually one of the reasons for these framerate drops (trans video by jevonrulez16), and turning it off alleviates the problem to some extent. It also reports that the game is unplayable PlayStation 5 Performance Modeand on Xbox Series X the same.

To make matters worse, unlike most current-gen upgrades, the Spacer’s Edition upgrade isn’t free. First, you must purchase the game and all of the story expansion DLC (specifically Peril On Gorgon and Murder On Eridanos), and then you must purchase the upgrade for an additional $10.

Returning players will also need to start a new save to experience a new, improved edition like Private Division already confirmedwhich makes the whole new package less attractive by default.

The Outer Worlds by Martin Callahan

However, all is not lost as one user has apparently found a way to transfer save files to a PC and has created video to demonstrate the steps. The solution is to create a new save file in the old game, then create a new save file in the new game, then copy everything from the old to the new except the Achievement.dat file and it works.

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