Caution! Spoilers for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 20.It’s been a few weeks since Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide temporarily left Firehouse 51 and Chicago Fire Season 11 is better for it. The fierce leader of Squad 3 has been the face of Chicago’s premiere show for more than a decade. So when news broke that Kinney was taking an unexpected vacation in the middle of nowhere Chicago Fire In season 11, there were fears that this could be the end of his tenure in the Dick Wolfe-produced franchise. It was then revealed that his departure would only be permanent, and it was promised that Kinney would eventually return to the series as Severide.


Kinney’s departure Chicago Fire could not come at the worst time. For starters, the show was just getting used to the absence of Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey. More specifically, it was also risky given that Severide had just tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Stella Kidd. The fact that the couple’s first few months of marriage were marked by near-death experiences further worsened his decision to prioritize OFI boot camp over his wife. Nevertheless, Chicago Fire Season 11 continues, even with no concrete updates on when Severide might return.

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Severida’s absence improves Chicago Fire stories

Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 20 Carver Arrested

Firehouse 51 lost one of their best and had to make a sudden change. This is also confirmed Severide will not be returning for this year Chicago Fire Season 11 finale. But for some reason, they seem much better than when he was around. Kinney hosted the One show in Chicago for several years, becoming effective because of the popularity of the procedure. However, in terms of storytelling, losing Severide could be the boost he needs to diversify his story. It seems obvious Chicago Fire Season 11, episode 20, “Never, Never Make a Mistake,” highlights how far Kidd and Carver’s friendship has come.

On the trip, the couple deal with a dangerous man obsessed with Kidd. Carver warns her about him. When a criminal shows up at his apartment complex unannounced, Kidd calls Carver for help, who eventually rushes in to help. If Severide is around, this plot won’t involve Carver. Elsewhere, Chicago Fire Season 11, episode 20 also begins Kaylee’s first step into becoming a firefighter, tackles Herrman’s deteriorating character and Brett’s tragic backstory. If Severide was in Firehouse 51, it would be difficult to play all of these plots, because the show just can’t avoid him.

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Kidd & Carver are one of the best new pairings on the Chicago Fire

Carver and Kidd are working on season 11 of Chicago Fire

as a new addition to Chicago Fire, assimilation into the closely related Firehouse 51 was no walk in the park for Carver. Kidd was not happy to have him on his team. However, during the following months Chicago Fire Season 11 was able to organically develop their dynamic professionally and personally. While there were hints of a romantic angle in the past, this is no longer the case. It was fun to see their friendship blossom. It’s unlikely if Severide was around because Chicago Fire would have been more interested in developing her and Kidd’s romance.

Chicago Fire Season 11 airs Wednesdays on NBC.