Big changes are coming for The CW. After a series of shocking cancellations, from Walker: Independence for Supernatural prequel The Winchesters, network variability is clearly visible. But along with a number of network cancellations, new series have appeared in their place. One of the new series announced on The CW Joana six-part series starring Game of Thrones alum Sophie Turner. And today, a new photo was released featuring Turner as the icy jewel thief. The series is scheduled to be released in 2024.

new series, Joan, tells the story of infamous jewel thief Joan Hannington. The series takes place in the decade of the 1980s decorated with a tincture of decadence and excessive luxury against the changing world of music and culture. Turner plays Joan, a woman in her twenties who is married to a criminal named Gary. But when Gary runs away, Joan seizes the opportunity to take control of her life and lift her and her daughter, Kelly, from their hopeless situation. Joan gets her freedom, becomes a jewel thief, and becomes a master at it. The new series is one of many projects in recent years focusing on the cultural landscape of the 1980s.


A new twist for Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner stars as Joan in a new photo released today. The picture shows it in front of the restaurant. He is wearing a jacket and looking out of the frame. Her hair is braided and bleached and dark roots appear, teasing the contrast between her glamorous image and the grit beneath the surface. She’s in a bold red lip and dramatic smoky eyes. His face is slightly revealing, his mouth is set in a straight line, as if looking at the viewer. The image represents the first view image Maxxine, It shows a similar interplay between excess and grit in the 1980s.. Next to him is his singer Frank Dillaneplays London antiques dealer Boisi in the new series. Dillan previously starred in the series Fear the walking dead. They also play the main roles in the series Kirsty J. Curtis, Gershwin Eustache Jr.and Laura Aikman Among others.

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Image via CW


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New series Anna Simonand led Richard Laxton. The exact release date of the project has not yet been determined, but it is expected to premiere in 2024. The series will consist of six parts.