Audiences have a new horror movie to fear this summer boogeyman is slated to hit theaters next month. Fans are eagerly waiting for the latest one to arrive Stephen King adaptation, revealed by 20th Century Studios Twitter is the new teaser for the film, which fully showcases the horror of its titular persona.

Starting with a slow burn, the teaser effectively showcases the tension that will be present throughout the film as the audience waits on the edge of their seats for the titular demon to appear. However, it looks like there will be plenty of heart-racing action as well as footage. Sophie Thatcher being chased by the Boogeyman through a dark and narrow corridor. Still, the creature remains hidden throughout the trailer, only briefly sneaking up on you in the mirror and stopping the big reveal when the movie finally hits the big screen.


Further details are being kept under wraps, but the film is based on the famous short story of the same name written by King. The film was originally slated to debut as a Hulu exclusive, but quickly changed direction theatrical performance after positive tests. The film’s commitment to a theatrical release represents the studio’s confidence, meaning audiences can expect a terrific cinematic experience this summer. If last year’s success Barbarian 20th Century Studios may have another smash hit on their hands.

Boogeyman trailer
Image via 20th Century Studios

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boogeyman The latest in a wave of Stephen King adaptations

After release ThisA worldwide box office phenomenon in 2017, adaptations of King’s stories have proven to be extremely profitable, including additional recent examples Pet Seminary. However, boogeyman won’t be the only King story fans can look forward to as an adaptation Salem lot also on the way. The film was originally slated to hit theaters earlier this year before being weighed From Warner Bros. release schedule. There is no official word yet on when the film will finally see the light of day, though Lewis Pullman, who has starred in the project, promises to do justice to the original story. I hope the audience can fully experience the horror Salem lot in the near future. Until then, they can immerse themselves in the horror of the latest horror movie boogeyman It hits theaters on June 2.

tickets for boogeyman now on sale. Check out the official teaser for the upcoming horror film below.