Looking for a few Sons of the forest – tips and tricks? The sequel to 2014’s survival-horror game The Forest is full of danger and mystery, and it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to staying alive in Site 2. Luckily, we’ve been through the process many times and can share his experience of exactly what to do and prioritize to survive the early days, win your first battles, and set yourself up for further progress.

On a side note, this is a guide for Sons of the forest players looking for tips on how to survive and progress without too many overt spoilers. However, if you want to know more specific things like Sons of the Forest Key Card Location or how to get “Sons of the Forest” weapon.see these guides for details.

Without further ado, here are our top tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in Sons of the Forest, balancing survival and combat:

Sons of the Forest: Tips and Tricks for Survival

One of the most difficult aspects of the game is simply surviving the daily grind. Here are some tips to help you get through the next day.

Map your way to GPS landmarks

While Sons of the Forest doesn’t have a linear progression pattern, heading to the locations marked on your GPS will also direct you to caves and landmarks that will be helpful to your progress. However, once you wander around “Sons of the Forest” card.you’ll want to make sure you have the proper armor and weapons to make sure you don’t fall prey to cannibals and mutants along the way.

Use a quick inventory system

Pressing the inventory key will give you access to your entire inventory. However, holding the button gives you easy access to a backpack filled with your essential goodies. So if you’re building a structure that requires a skull, you can place the skull by holding the inventory key and selecting the skull instead of opening your inventory. The shortcut will save you a lot of time in survival game.

Sons of the Forest Hints and Tips: Cannibal waves his stick near the base.

Use traps to protect your base

The longer you survive in Sons of the Forest, the more aggressive surface cannibals and mutants you’ll see. In addition to fortifying your base with protective fencing, you’ll also want to set up fly traps and bone traps around the area. But try not to accidentally launch them yourself, as you will take damage.

For more tips on strengthening your base, check out our “Sons of the Forest” construction manual..

You can restore health

Health regenerates when you eat, so if you’re low on health and low on potions and health concoctions, but you’re in a relatively safe place, try to slowly replenish your health with food. However, you’ll want to use armor as much as possible because it tends to replace armor more effectively than health, especially when fighting mutants who give you creepy armor after a kill.

Use the tarp to save the game

We’ve all been there: you’re traveling through the desert, need a quick jump off, and want to save your game in Sons of the Forest. Your tarp acts as a portable storage space. While it’s tempting to leave it at the base when you start exploring, you’re better off building a structure, making a bed, bringing a tarp and two sticks, and setting up camp as you explore the boundaries of your territory. comfort zone You can’t sleep in your tent when enemies are around, but you can still use it to save your game.

But the cannibals and mutants will still be around when you spawn, so you can take advantage of the new save slot. Overwriting a save will put you in the same predicament if you die and have to reload. And as a reminder, save early and often.

On that note, you can also save and sleep on various mattresses and tents found in the game world, so use them to your advantage.

Sons of the Forest: A close-up image of a mutant attacking at night.

Save the game and load it again

If you’re short on basics like meds, rope, and tape, you can always load and reload as this will refresh things in suitcases and other places. While it can be cheesy, it’s also useful in a pinch if you just want to advance the story without risking dying due to lack of resources.

Kelvin saves your precious time

Calvin can perform a variety of time-saving tasks, so make sure you’re always using it to your advantage. It can collect logs, sticks, rocks and even fish, saving you time on some of the simplest aspects of the game. However, if you need to save your game and return to it, note that you’ll also need to give Calvin new tasks, as he won’t immediately pick up where he left off.

Preparing for winter

If you hang on long enough, you will eventually meet winter. In winter, you will find that there are fewer enemies around you as they are also trying to keep warm. However, you’ll also find that the bodies of water are frozen, there are far fewer animals to kill for food, and your stamina is much more limited unless you’re near a fire or have the right gear. Prepare for this by drying meat, fish and even limbs on a rack (you can make several racks and leave the food to dry for as long as you like to prevent it from spoiling, allowing you to store it in addition to the food you carry yourself) and stock up on energy drinks to quench your thirst. Seasons in this game only last for a few days, so if you can survive the winter, you can continue gathering resources to survive in the spring.

Sons of the Forest: Battle Tips and Tricks

Eventually you will face threats in your environment and you will have to fight to stay alive. Here are some tips to help you out, even if you haven’t been able to unlock the game’s more advanced weapons and armor.

Weapon holster

You’ll move faster if you holster your weapon, allowing you to escape some of the cannibals and mutants you encounter in the desert.

Become sneaky

In Sons of the Forest, you can sneak and hide from cannibals and mutants. This is very useful as some mutants don’t seem to be able to hear that well but know where they are based on your sound. In addition, you can also stealth attack deer, which you will need to kill to make leather armor. Finally, sometimes it’s better to avoid cannibals and mutants than to encounter them, so sneaking around their campsites can be a way to gather resources near them without risking your health.

Note that some cannibals are afraid of you, so you should avoid fighting them if they retreat.

Use projectiles and explosives wisely

In the game, you’ll find things like grenades, flares, and materials to make things like Molotov cocktails and explosives. These will be very powerful for attacking enemy hordes, but you’ll want to use them wisely as your resources are limited. They are generally useful for attacking multiple groups of enemies at once, or in a place where enemies can’t simply run away, such as underground.

Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks: Portraying the Versatile Mutant.

Study enemy attack patterns

Enemies have specific attack patterns that allow you to dodge them and damage them at certain intervals. Learning these patterns can help you better survive your encounters with them, so study how they move so you know when to attack and when to block.

Aim for the head

Using the spear, you can hit your enemies in the head, which will often wobble and knock them back to the ground, where you can finish what you started before hacking off their limbs for food and tossing their bodies into the fire for bones.

Here are some Sons of the Forest tips and tricks to help you survive the onslaught of enemies, elements, and other threats you’ll encounter as you journey through the mysterious island. And when you finish Sons of the Forest, you’ll want to check out our guide best horror games for more nightmarish pleasure.