Clarification the location of the rope gun in Sons of the Forest important because it allows you to move in places that are otherwise impassable. Needless to say, this allows you to pick up other essentials. For example, along with rebreatheryou need a rope gun to get shovel. Of course, actually getting the thing is quite difficult, so let’s find out.

sons of the forest rope gun
“Sons of the Forest” location.

Where to find a rope gun in Sons of the Forest

To find the location of the rope gun in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to do some spelunking. I know, I’m sure you’re excited. The cave you need to enter is located to the west of the mountains, near a small lake with several rivers flowing out of it. Check out the screenshots to see where to go. Before entering, arm yourself well and stock up on healing items; the cave is teeming with mutants. Once inside the cave, keep to the left. Head across the shallow pool and just follow the light. One day you will have to destroy a living blob that blocks your path. If you see three corpses hanging from the ceiling and a painting on the wall to the right, you’re going in the right direction. Just keep going straight, keeping to the left as much as possible.

The next step to finding the location of the Sons of the Forest rope gun is to follow the lights until you reach a cave with a low ceiling and a small stream running through the middle. Follow the right side of the stream and look to the right until you see a light in the distance. Watch the lights again and continue past the hanging corpses and mutants. Hug the left wall. The path goes uphill a bit, so keep an eye out for an opening to the left. Go inside and crouch through the small opening. Keep going forward and keep to the left, letting the lights guide you. Eventually you’ll come across a light at the edge of a blob with two cases next to it. That’s where the rope gun is.