There are three Sons of the Forest Key Card Location, each of which opens important doors into the winding, interlocking cave systems beneath your feet. You might be surprised to find that the hidden locations of the keys are more obvious to you than you might have imagined, but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into trouble in the form of mutants along the way.

Whereas the natural environment surrounds you at Endnight’s horror game may mislead you, hidden within the dark, eerie caverns are a variety of man-made and industrial bunkers filled with corpses, bones, resources and all sorts of The sons of the forest are mutants. Whereas you can stay alive and have a great time just looking for berries and drinking water in survival game, you need to find other items, including the all-important key cards, to complete your story. Here’s where to find – and more importantly, how to get – all three Sons of the Forest key cards.

Sons of the Forest Key Card Locations: The in-game GPS tracker map shows three key card locations

Sons of the Forest Key Card Location

Three key cards are actually marked for you on “Sons of the Forest” card. once you pick up your GPS tracker. While the purple markers on the map lead you to each B-Team member you must find and their respective GPS locators, the green circular markers lead you to other important plot elements. The cluster of three green icons in the northwest of the map are your key cards. But don’t just head there, as they won’t just be waiting for you on the ground.

Key card for “Sons of the Forest” service.

The first card you’ll be able to collect is the service card, which is the deepest of the three green markers above. There is an excavation site in this location that reveals a trapdoor leading underground, so be sure to find it Sons of the forest shovel before searching for the location of the key card.

After you’ve used the shovel to access the hatch, drop down into the bunker below, following the path until you find a door on the right. Inside, you’ll find a service keycard on the table.

Sons of the Forest Keycard Location: The door is locked, with an electronic keycard lock on the side

Sons of the Forest VIP card

The VIP keycard is in the food and restaurant bunker, which is itself located in the cave near the second green marker above. Go through the cave entrance, grab the torch or lighter, and follow the path until you reach a closed hatch. Open the hatch and go down into the bunker. You can stock up on plenty of snacks while you’re here, but more importantly, there’s also a locked door that can only be opened with a service keycard, which you should already have.

From here it is a short cut to the security room where the VIP key card is located. Go through the lab and up the stairs to the left at the end of the corridor. Turn left again before swimming through the water into another dark passage. Take the door to the left, which will take you through another short passage to the guard room, where there is a VIP keycard on the table.

Sons of the Forest Guest key card

The third and final Sons of the Forest keycard is the guest keycard and the southernmost keycard on the map. From the VIP card location, head southwest, crossing two rivers. When you get to the green marker on the map, you’ll see another small entrance to the cave – by the way, you’ll also find a 3D printer in this cave. Go inside and follow the corridor until you reach a door. You don’t need to enter this room for the purposes of this guide, but this is where the 3D printer is located.

To find the final Sins of the Forest Keycard, continue down the corridor until you reach a door that requires a Keycard. This is the VIP Key Card you must have, so go through the room and up the spiral staircase to the bar. The guest key card is on the table to the right of the bar.

Now you know how to find the three key cards Sons of the forestyou will be on your way to completing potentially one of the the best computer games 2023. Once you do, there’s no need to stop because you can try again with your friends at Sons of the Forest multiplayer game.or check if there are any Sons of the forest chiti to give you a new gaming experience when you start from scratch.