Calvin is one of the companions in Sons of the Forest that accompanies you in this survival horror game. During this journey, many players reported that Kelvin was stuck in a cave, in water, or even died. In this guide, we will share everything with you Sons of the Forest Kelvin is stuck solving bugs.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin is stuck solving bugs

Sons of the Forest Kelvin is stuck with a solution

Sons of the Forest Kelvin Stuck in Water – Kelvin Water Bug Fixes

Players often encounter a bug that causes Kelvin to get stuck in water. This problem usually occurs when he tries to fish deep in a lake or if you have a base near water. Usually restarting the game can easily fix this error. However, if this approach doesn’t work, you can solve the problem by drowning next to Calvin. This will prompt him to save you and allow him to get out of the water. Another solution is to walk away and he will respawn next to you.

Kelvin’s sons of the forest are stuck in a cave

The second bug, very similar to the previous one, occurs when entering a cave, namely a cave located in a snowy area near the spawn point. If this error occurs at the beginning of the game, it is recommended to start a new game and loot the northern cave before activating the Kelvin at the crash site. Also, loading your last save can help. If losing progress isn’t an option, one can move as far away from the cave as possible, which should eventually cause Kelvin to respawn nearby. Also, trying to sleep can reset his position and solve the problem.

Calvin accidentally died in Sons of the Forest.

Sometimes when you send Kelvin to collect logs, he can die randomly. Currently, there is no team to resuscitate him; however, we found a quick fix on Reddit that explains how to get Kelvin back in Sons of the Forest..