An early access game Sons of the forest definitely doesn’t try to hold your hand during its open world survival horror experience – it just drops you on this hellish island and tells you to have fun with nothing but a GPS unit, a lens, instructions for building a few basic structures, and your own mind (and your friends’ minds if you’re playing co-op) to help you out.

But if you want to not just survive, but flourish, then you’ll need a little more supplies than what you started with. And there is one cave near the starting location on the beach that will allow you to prepare ahead of time two very important pieces of equipment: a taser and a respirator.

How to get rebreather in Sons of the Forest

There are three possible starting points, and if you’re lucky, you’ll end up on a beach right next to a cave that has a respirator and Taser. But even if you start the game next to this cave, you’re probably not ready to enter right away – you’ll want to at least get decent weapon before going in and a light source more powerful than your lighter would also help because this cave is very dark.

Here is the cave with GPS for reference.

Place yourself here for reference.
Place yourself here for reference.

When you do decide to take a step, you will see that the entrance to the cave is closed with wooden boards. You’ll have to hack them to get through, but consider the warning they represent: there are some bad things out there that no one wants to get out of. But as you’ll soon see, these guys aren’t built for surface life. But they’re still a threat to you while you’re down there.

This cave is linear, so when you get inside you should just go straight ahead. Every once in a while you’ll see a light on the ground – leave it on and continue until you find living things.

They are cave cannibals that have turned into human versions of marine life that evolved in the dark depths. So, they have no faces and are therefore blind, but they can hear very well. So you can walk past them, but you’ll need to be very quiet. But if you don’t have a real weapon, you’ll have to sneak.

This cave is linear except for one branch that you’ll find near where those first two locals were. The well-lit passage to the right has its own little treasure at the end, but it’s not a rebreather. for what, you’ll need to move left into that pitch black as indicated by the arrows in the image below. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, it’s the way.

Yes, head straight into the dark.  sorry
Yes, head straight into the dark. sorry

Just follow the path for a while. You’ll wade through waist-deep water with life jackets floating in it before the path turns right and you’ll eventually find yourself in a very large and very dark room with a lake in the middle.

It is very important that you do not fall into the water, because a shark swims in it – this is the only enemy on this path. So stick to the right side and follow the water’s edge until you find a large backpack on the ground next to some other lootable items – this backpack is your respirator. As soon as you pick it up, it will be equipped and used automatically when you have oxygen tanks.

And, yes, you can kill the shark and swim under the cave lake to get back to the surface, but there’s no need to waste oxygen because we have other things to do in this cave. At this point you should return to the fork in the caves we talked about earlier.

How to get Taser in Sons of the Forest

This time you will need to follow the well-lit path to the right. However, this path is extremely dangerous as there are two more adult cavemen and two really messed up cave babies that curl up and charge at you. Babies aren’t very healthy, but they’re hard to hit, so don’t take them lightly.

Eventually, after long wanderings through dark corridors, you will reach the very end, where the miner’s corpse hangs from the ceiling. And on the ground under him is the stun gun you came here for. You can go back to the cave entrance to escape, which should be easy if you’ve cleared it of enemies.

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