Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker introduced the Sith Wayfinder, the only way to find Exegol – and Lucasfilm is finally hinting at its origins.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker introduced the ancient Sith Wayfinder, and now it seems to be one of the oldest dark side technologies. The unexpected return of Emperor Palpatine has Rey and Kylo Ren scrambling to find their way to the ancient Sith redoubt of Exegol, and it doesn’t take long to find the only way to get there, using the Sith Wayfinder. There were only two of these Wayfinders, adapted to take over the ship’s navigation computers and redirect them to Exegol. Official communications have since investigated the technology behind these Wayfinders, revealing that they are prototype holocrons programmed to guide Force-users in certain directions.

The The Jedi had light side versions of the Wayfinder, too. Luke Skywalker was seen with a mysterious compass Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and this means that he was taken to Ahch-To, the location of the first Jedi temple. The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary confirmed that this is another type of “Wayfinder”.Star compass” by the Jedi. But the exact origins of the Sith Wayfinders and Jedi Star Compasses—the circumstances surrounding their creation and how they were stored—remain a mystery.

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The bad set predates the Jedi, the prototype of confirmed star compasses

Star Wars Badass Set and The Last Jedi Star Compass

Star Wars: The Bad Party Season 2, Episode 5 dropped a surprising clue about Wayfinder’s origin. The episode experienced Clone Force 99 Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt, as they discover one An ancient race that existed before the Jedi. The quest begins after Omega discovers a strange compass that leads the group to a long-forsaken world, eventually leading them to a strange device powered by something resembling a kyber crystal. There was no clear information about their identity.”the ancients,” and the audience assumed they were galactic warlords known as Rakata or Zeffo. Jedi: Fallen Order game. Whatever the truth, the compass Omega used was very similar to Luke Skywalker’s Star Compass. Lucasfilm has confirmed that this is not a coincidence, meaning it must be the same technology.

The history of the Sith Wayfinders and Jedi Star compasses is unraveling

Star Wars The Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Compass Sith Wayfinder

This means that the history of Sith Wayfinders and Jedi Star Compasses can now be speculated upon. One fAction of the Sith is called “.dark seekers, searched the galaxy for potential rival dark side factions. Their mission was simple; Eliminating all potential threats to the Sith while stealing Force powers and technology. Darkseekers may have discovered the ancients Star Wars: The Bad Party Season 2, Episode 5; or perhaps they heard rumors about them and explored their ruins. Either way, they must have stolen the technology. The Sith value secrecy, and they find Wayfinder technology irresistible. A novel by Adam Christopher Shadow of the Sith Refers to the Sith who later developed the Wayfinder design and created the first Holocrons.

It seems that the Sith originally developed the Wayfinders and Holocrons, but the Jedi later imitated and adapted the technology. The The war between the Jedi and the Sith It would have required even more secrecy from the Jedi, which would explain why they started using Star Compasses to hide the location of specific worlds. Soon, they also learned to use holocrons – devising new ways to pass on important lessons to the next generation. Star Wars heroes.

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