Sloclap has announced a release date Sifu on Steam and Xbox consoles.

The game will be released on March 28 with the Arenas game update.

With ten additional hours of gameplay and nine new locations, Arenas offers 45 new challenges spread across five game modes. You’ll fight waves of enemies in survival mode or achieve perfection in performance mode.

There’s also Time Attack, which has you fighting against time on a path filled with enemies. You can also try the new shooting mode. Here you have to grab and hold the marked area. In addition, there is a Manhunt mode where you have to destroy a certain target surrounded by defenders.

Now available on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4 and PS5, Kung Fu was developed by the people who brought you the rather excellent Absolver. The game has an interesting twist as every time you die, you come back a little older.

While you may age, you also become more skilled in combat. You start out as a young college student who has spent his whole life learning how to avenge the murder of their entire family by a hit squad.

Your goal is to hunt down killers alone through “gang-ridden suburbs, inner-city nooks and crannies of corporate towers.”