Greetings, Mercenaries! As summer approaches, the release of Crossfire: Sierra Squad, our all-new arcade FPS game for PlayStation VR2, is on the way. I’m excited to give you a closer look at what you can expect on launch day.

When you put on your PS VR2 headset and start the game, you will instantly become the leader of the elite fire team of the Global Risk paramilitary group. Your fire team is called the Sierra Squad, a well-trained, elite fighting force. Start at the shooting range to explore the game’s 39 different weapons and blow things up while you’re at it! It’s a fun way to learn the ins and outs of each firearm, from pistols to rifles, shotguns and snipers to RPGs and more, so you instinctively know how to use (and reload) them in the heat of battle. Take your time and enjoy yourself there as the targets are not yet fired.

When you feel like your training is complete, move on to the campaign missions (13 in total). In Crossfire: Sierra Squad, you lead an elite paramilitary fire team in the Global Risk organization that faces an unexpected confrontation with the rival organization Blacklist. The battle begins here and you will need all your shooting and fighting skills to emerge victorious. Make sure you have plenty of space in front of your PS5, because things are about to get hectic.

If you like co-op, we’ve got you covered. In addition to the 13 single-player campaign missions, you can recruit a friend for two-player co-op and beat 50 squad missions. Or grab a few friends to take on Horde mode as a fireteam of up to 4 players. Let me tell you, the campaigns are really fun, but the game really shines in the multiplayer co-op. There’s something about coordinating an attack with friends to take down a battalion against seemingly insurmountable forces in virtual reality that feels just like a chef’s kiss. pleasantly.

One of the great things about virtual reality is that the action can happen all around you, including behind and above you. You’ll be fighting heavy artillery like helicopters and LAVs in a full 360-degree VR space, so make sure you keep your head turned at all times, as danger can come from anywhere, and it’s not always in front of you.

We can’t wait to get you on the battlefield!

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