Was the main character of the second game introduced in the series last night?

during Part 6 HBO’s adaptation The end of usfifty (Bella Ramsay) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) finally Tommy (Gabriel Luna), the latter’s brother. Tommy Jackson spent a lot of time in the indoor team based in Wyoming. The city is functional and healthy, with their tight security and discretion allowing them to have electricity, comfortable shelter, livestock, and even a movie theater. As Tommy meets his brother and gets to know Ellie in a teahouse, a girl is seen watching them from a distance as the wandering couple try their delicious food for the first time in years.

Fans of the game had a reason to be excited because the main character, a shy girl named Dina, could be in the background. The Last of Us: Part II. Over the course of the story, the girl develops a strong bond with Ellie and, without giving anything away for fans who have not played video games, becomes a very important participant in her life and accompanies your favorite immunity hero on his journey. Speaking about Dina’s opportunity to enter the world of television adaptation The Last of Us podcastpointers Neil Druckman and Craig Mazine cameo played about:


Craig Mazin: It’s a little, I mean, it’s vague. Someone is staring at Ellie.

Neil Druckmann: Yes.

Mazin: I wonder who it could be in theory. One day we will find out.

Druckmann: Yes, because the story of Dinah meeting Ellie for the first time in Episode 2 is very similar to what happens here.

Mazin: It doesn’t mean Dina, but it doesn’t mean it’s not.

Provided; Given the This is our last already updated for second season, there’s a strong possibility that Dina’s story will be explored in future episodes, as the first season is only meant to cover what happened in the first game. Meanwhile, Joel and Ellie will no doubt find a welcoming and quiet community in the final episode. devastated Kansas City full of armed gangs who might be forced to see someone passing by friends and allies infected with cordyceps virus. The show’s characters finally get a well-deserved break, including a chance to get fresh, clean clothes and haircuts.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Pedro Pascal Bella Ramsay
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Next why The end of us?

With just three episodes left in the first season of the hit HBO adaptation, the season finale will air on Sunday, March 12. If this date looks familiar, then this is the same date set for the 95th. Academy Awards ceremony Whether this will have an effect remains to be seen Our last was supposed to be the season finale, episode 5 released early because of the Super Bowl this month. From now on, the show will continue airing new episodes on Sunday nights for another three weeks until it’s time to wait for the next season two.

You can find the full episode here The end of us podcast below: