A world of mystery, magic and romance returns with a second season on Netflix Shadow and bone this is spring. The fantasy thriller released two new posters The premiere of the next season on March 16 Netflix.

Justified Leigh Bardugoseries of best-selling novels Shadow and bone trilogy, the TV series revives the fantastic saga. The critically acclaimed first season of the series premiered in April 2021, two years later, fans will return to the mystical world of the Grishaverse. Ahead of the new episodes, the TV series has released two posters featuring the return of Nina Zenic (Danielle Galligan) and Mathias Helvar (Callahan Skogman). Both characters pose in front of golden characters that best represent them. A heart of gold encased in barbed wire illuminates Nina in a fighting pose and stern look. Two howling wolves can be seen behind Matthias as the Twitter post reads, “we are all someone’s monster.”

Matthias believed that all Grisha were evil and apparently hated them, that is, until Nina meets Zenik and they form a sweet bond, realizing that Nina is not as different as she first believed. Grisha himself. Although the two eventually develop feelings for each other, they are separated when Matthias is arrested, believing that Nina has betrayed him.


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The Netflix series After Alina (Jessie Mei Lee), a young orphan, discovers that he is Grisha, who possesses immense power. Dark forces are soon after him as he is believed to be able to change the fate of a world at war. Escaping General Kyrigan’s army, Alina and Mal Orestev find new allies. Before long, they are faced with dire choices in their quest to find two legendary creatures that give them superpowers. The second season seems to include more action as the ravens clash with the legendary Sun Summoner in Ketterdam.

He created the TV series Bird boxof and The lights went outof Eric Heiserer. Also includes the cast of the series Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux, Patrick Gibson, Lewis Tanand Anna Leong Brophy. Director Marizi Almas, Lee Toland Krieger, Dan Liu, Jeremy Webb, Laura Belseyand The boy is Ogun.

Shadow and bone premieres March 16, only on Netflix. Check out the posters below: