If you’ve ever wanted to take a look at what everyday life looks like outside the dark layer, now’s your chance! Netflix shared some official photos featuring the cast Shadow and bone on the set of the show’s second season. Archie Renaux, Ben Barnes and Amita Suman some of the actors you can see in the portraits look like something out of school picture day. Of course, the hunt for the Sun Summoner is far more dangerous than a school portrait, and its characters know why.

after events of the first seasonAlina (Jessie Mei Lee) and Mal (Renaux) are on the run, hiding from everyone who is hunting Ravka’s last hope. While hiding from their enemies, Alina and Mal go on a collision course to face the return of the Darkling (Barnes). The evil Shadow Summoner survived his apparent death from the last episode, and he’s determined to get revenge. The consequences of the previous battle were permanently marked on Kirigan’s face, as the hero had his own bad scars. The Darkling is ready to throw Grishaverse into chaos with his terrifying new form.


At the beginning of new episodes, Alina stands out from crows – Kaz (Freddie Carter), Inej (Suman) and Kit (Jesper Fahey) – who now has to answer to the people who hired them to steal the hero in the first place. It will be a difficult task like Sturmkhond (Patrick Gibson) – a robber who does not like to deal with excuses. The crew must use their secret abilities to get out of the difficult situation.

Danielle Galligan, Freddie Carter, Amita Suman, Keith Young and Jack Wolfe
Image via Netflix

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What’s Next for Grishaverse on Netflix?

If you don’t know enough about the world of Alina and Mal second season of Shadow and bone, you might want to know if there’s an option to expand beyond the Dark Fold. During the past week, Eric Heisererpointer behind the adaptation of Leigh Bardugoof novels, if the new episodes are told Shadow and bone have enough audience, A spin-off featuring the Crows may be on the table. Time will tell if the franchise will continue to grow or be swallowed up in darkness.

You can see behind-the-scenes portraits from the second season set Shadow and bone below: