• Here are some key tips and strategies to know before you dive into the world Wo Long: Fallen DynastyMarch 3 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.
  • From morale to counterattacks and more, we prepare you for the battle ahead.
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available for pre-order on the Xbox Store and will be available from day one with Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.

We know what you want to get your hands on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty when it launches on day one with Game Pass on March 3rd. But before Team Ninja’s latest action role-playing game arrives, today we’re releasing a new two-part demo on the Xbox Store that showcases exciting combat and intense combat in the demon-infested, dark-infused fantasy of the Three Kingdoms.

In this epic of the later Han Dynasty, you must defy obstacles using a mixture of magic and Chinese martial arts as an anonymous militia soldier, fighting your way through waves of monsters and enemy soldiers. This is a great opportunity to see what the game has to offer and, best of all, your save data from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demo will be ported to the full version of the game starting March 3rd. If you manage to complete the first chapter, you’ll even be rewarded with a Thieving Dragon helmet that can be used in the game.

However, before you jump into action, I’d like to break down seven things you should know before you unleash your inner power in the full game.

Moral of the story

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demo Screenshot

The first thing you need to know about the game is morale rank. Morale Rank is a growth item that is used during missions and is different from your character’s level. The higher your morale rank, the less damage you will receive from enemies and the more combat items will become available. Morale points can be earned by defeating enemies or performing martial arts attacks, spirit attacks, or deathblow. Your moral rank can increase to a maximum level of 25.

Enemy morale

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Demo Screenshot

The enemy’s combat status is displayed in the UI above their heads. The higher your morale level compared to the enemy, the more damage he will cause. Additionally, the color of the morale icon indicates the threat level: green is lower than or equal to your character’s morale, yellow is 1-4 points higher, and red is 5+ points higher. In general, if you see an enemy with a red morale rank, you may want to raise your own level a bit before fighting them, or you’ll be in for a quick death.

Spirit squad

In addition to morale, you also need to keep an eye on your morale. Spirit is a person’s willpower during battle that can be used to destroy enemies with martial arts, sorcery spells, and spirit attacks. Increase your morale by performing normal attacks or parrying an enemy attack, but be careful: hitting enemies will reduce your morale, making you vulnerable to some of the stronger soldiers and monsters in the game.

Deviate! Deviate! Deviate!

While you can block most attacks, the key to making enemies miss or even stagger and setting them up for even stronger hits is the Knockback ability. Wait for your opponent to prepare to strike, and when they attack, use it simply at the right time to press B to parry the attack, setting up for your own maneuver. And remember, Deflects also help boost your morale!

Wizards and warriors

Magic spells are special skills that correspond to the elements of the Five Phases. You can set up to four different magic spells to use during battle. Targeting an enemy’s weak elements and their status effects can give you an advantage in battle. A successful use of Magic Charms can negate an enemy’s elemental attack. For example, an area of ​​flame (fire phase) created by an enemy can be extinguished by a water phase spell.

Death from above

When climbing a cliff or along a building, look down and check for enemies. Press Y while jumping to deliver a deathblow to an unconscious soldier or demon! Deathblows can also be delivered from behind by sneaking up on an enemy and pressing Y. The block marker will turn red if a target can be Deathblowed.

Destruction of part

Demons have hardened body parts that can be destroyed. You can destroy a hardened part by attacking it or parrying an enemy’s Critical Hit. If you successfully destroy a unit, the enemy will no longer be able to Critical Strike or make other attacks with the unit. Partial destruction also lowers the enemy’s maximum spirit cap, increasing your chances of landing a fatal blow.

These seven tips are just the beginning of the depth Wo Longgameplay. From divine beasts to various weapon types and Chinese martial arts, you can learn layer by layer, and this demo will give you a taste of what to expect when the game launches on March 3rd on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One , Windows PC and will be available from day one with Game Pass on console and PC.


In the meantime, jump into the demo version and see how many demons you can destroy. And don’t forget to check out the exciting new launch trailer released today, showcasing just some of the famous Tri-Kingdom faces you’ll meet along the way.