Sega announced a series of concerts of the Sonic Symphony world tour.

Celebrating over 30 years of Sonic music, the tour kicks off this year with shows at the Barbican Hall in London on September 16th and the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on September 30th.

The music will be performed live by a full symphony orchestra and a rock band, with iconic moments from the show played out on the big screen.

Sonic Symphony World Tour Announcement

“Sonic Symphony is an immersive live experience celebrating over three decades of music from Sega’s iconic mascot,” according to the tour’s website.

“From classic 8- and 16-bit tunes to rock music and EDM songs, this concert will take you on a musical journey through the colorful world of Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Fans can to register to receive updates on Sonic Symphony coming to a venue near you and get early access to ticket sales.

Sega took the broadcast well A 90-minute Sonic the Hedgehog concert free in June 2021 for the 30th anniversary of the mascot.

Sega has announced a series of Sonic Symphony World Tour concerts

During a recent earnings presentation, Sega said he is interested in the possibility of adapting other IPs on the big screen after the success of the Sonic movies.

The company also noted that it could be the next publisher to charge $70 for some games.