15 years later, Samuel L. Jackson Starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe project. The man who unites the Avengers will branch out on his own in the future A sneak attack, Fury finds himself returned from space to stop the escalating war for Earth between humanity and a radicalized group of disgruntled Skrull refugees.

We last saw Fury on screen. he and the Skrulls seemed like a perfect fit. The post-credits sting Spider-Man: Far From Home He discovered that he was working with Fury Tom HollandPeter Parker was actually Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) masked throughout. Somewhere in deep space aboard the Skull, the real Fury sat with his feet up, sipping a cocktail on a nearly made-up beach before getting back to business.


Unfortunately for Fury A sneak attack The rebel faction saw his futile approach to their re-housing, rolling round The Skrulls decide to take matters into their own hands. managed by Kingsley is Ben-AdirGravikInstead of waiting for a new world, they intend to take control of the planet they live on, setting up camp in the radioactive deserts deep in Russia and harnessing their shape-shifting abilities as well as their powers. claiming their new home.

All of this affects Fury, as Jackson explained to Empire magazine. He’s lost his eyelid, his goatee has grown, and he’s a world-weary man who needs help wherever he can find it. Opportunity Leads the Marvel project Jackson had been waiting for a long time, he enjoyed it A chance to reveal Fury’s history – Although he hopes it will be longer.

Samuel L. Jackson
Image via Disney+

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What’s going on with Nick Fury?

“Here you have a guy who shows his face and shows his age. It’s an opportunity to humanize someone who everyone thinks is superhuman. He’s trying to solve a problem without people having superpowers, and it’s a really good explanation. there is. it. comes out.

We’re also filling in the blanks about Fury’s life that we don’t know. We meet people we knew when he was there alone, before the Avengers or whatever. I had to figure out some things I’ve been trying to do for a while and come up with something new. It’s great to know who she is and how much her work takes a toll on her personal life.

I love playing her and I love how they open up all these other possibilities for her and her whole life. I hope I’m not done and that I’ll somehow be floating around in this new phase of the MCU.”

A sneak attack currently scheduled premiere June 21 on Disney+ and will include six episodes. Watch the trailer for the upcoming series below: