The festive series stars Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell.

It looks like Eric Stonestreet puts on the best evil laugh. By deadlinethe Modern family star is set to join the cast for Season 2 of the Disney+ original series Santa Clausesled by Tim Allen.

Stonestreet plays Magnus Antas, aka Mad Santa, who rules the North Pole in the 14th century. Antas tries to reclaim the mantle of Santa Claus from Scott Calvin (Allen). The second season, currently in production, focuses on Scott resuming his role after last season’s failure to find a suitable successor. After saving Christmas once again, Scott turns his attention to training his son Calvin to be Santa Claus.


Elizabeth Mitchell Intended to return Carol Calvin/Mrs. Klaus is in the second season. He is joined by Allen’s daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick Sandra Calvin as Klaus, Austin Kane Cal as Calvin Claus and Devin Bright As Santa Elf’s best friend Noel. Matilda Lawler Also, Santa’s chief of staff, Betty, returns in a guest appearance.

Image via Disney+

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Additional guest stars include young newcomers Martha Kessler Olga as a sad gnome who doesn’t understand “empathy” and “feelings” and Mad Santa’s assistant. Other returning guests include Liam Kyle As Gary, Isabella Bennett As Edie, Sasha Knight as a crouton, Ruby Jay Like Riley, Mia Lin Bangunan As a pontoon and Laura San Giacomo As La Befana, the Christmas witch.

Tim Allen will executive produce and also star as Santa/Scott Calvin. Jack Burdittwho also produced Modern familywill continue to serve as executive producer and showrunner. Richard Baker and Rick Messina, the first two manufacturers Santa Claus along with movies Jason Wiener and John Radler are also executive producers for Santa Clauses.

Although originally created as a limited series, Santa Clauses was has been renewed for a second season in December. “This franchise has had a lasting impact on many families and has become part of their annual holiday traditions,” said President of Disney Branded Television. Hey Davis a statement at the time said. “Having it back as a series has been a real gift, and I’m grateful to our production partners at 20 Television and, of course, Tim Allen and the team for another reason to celebrate this holiday season.”

The premiere date for the second season Santa Clauses not yet announced. You can watch the Season 1 trailer below: