Sean Dyche He’s working to change his away mentality to improve the depressing away record Everton have had so far this season.

Everton head Arsenal Wednesday night as clear second favorites across Premier League The leaders have not won an away league game since they beat Southampton 2-1 on 1 October.

Emirates is perhaps not the most likely place to finish this run, but with a trip Nottingham forest Dyche, who will follow up on Sunday, understands the importance of pushing Everton’s fate away from Goodison Park.

“It’s about entering these games believing in what we do, mainly the consistency of our performance at home and away,” said Dyche, who has only taken charge of one game so far in their 2-0 away loss to local rivals Liverpool. on February 13

“It is well known that outside of the pandemic season most clubs have stronger form at home and there are all sorts of scientific reasons for that. Players have higher testosterone levels playing in front of the home crowd and all sorts of different things.

“But by structuring the team you can have a good away record, you can argue that the team can work in different ways, but mostly the mindset is important.

“You want players to leave the house with a strong jaw and a strong mindset about what they have to offer, and that’s something we need to build on here.

“We are in the early stages of doing this. It’s about having the ability to walk away and still deliver at a consistent level and with that advantage because having that edge in your game – especially away from home – is important.

“The crowd at home can give you that advantage. When you are away, you have to bring it through the collective on the field.”

James Tarkowski’s header saw Everton beat Mikel Arteta’s side 1-0 in Dyche’s debut earlier in the month, but that result did little to change the odds for this week’s match.

Arsenal have lost just five points at home all season and Manchester City are the only team to win away at the Emirates.

Dyche acknowledged that few would give his misfire side a chance to score a point in North London, describing the fact as “a nice gun to have”.

However, he insisted that this did not mean he considered this or any match a free kick.

“I personally don’t think so, but what I’m suggesting is that it’s not really a weapon, but from the outside I would suggest that most people would suggest it because of the stats and the facts about going to Arsenal who had a great season. You are unlikely to get a result,” he said.

“If no one thinks you’re going to get anything, it can bring a little more freedom.

“It doesn’t mean we didn’t do it. We’re definitely going to put on a performance that will keep our eyes on the award and get something. That’s my intention and I want the actors to do that too.”