PvPvE pirate adventure Sea of ​​Thieves This month marks its five-year anniversary, and developer Rare is embarking on a month-long celebration full of community weekends, a feature-length documentary, and an all-new blockbuster season. Sea Of Thieves Season 9 launches on March 16, and it’s packed with quality-of-life features, new cosmetics, and world events.


To kick off the festivities, the Marauders Medley event kicks off today, which is essentially a greatest hits tour of past SoT updates. It’s on for the next 10 days and I hope to see a love letter to all the magicals domestic animals there. Players who take the plunge between March 17th and March 22nd will receive a Lustrous Legend Figurehead, and there will be a ton of discounted in-game items until March 28th, so grab some loot.

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 9 has a new trailer (above) detailing all the upcoming additions. There are so many new beauty products that they are practically full for most of the show time, although there is still plenty to get excited about. Quality of life changes dominate this season, as harpooning treasure is made easier and seagulls now circle sunken treasure, making it easier to spot. Megalodons and Krakens are increasing in frequency to make travel a little more dangerous, and Season 9 also adds a cool new item called the chest of fate, which will have its own, yes, cosmetics and thanks.

The event I’m most excited about isn’t actually in the game. Rare produce a documentary a film called Sea Of Thieves: Voyage Of A Lifetime about the ups and downs of development, from jelly bean prototypes to failed launch. The document is out on March 20, and Rare is calling it a “candid” look at game developers. I hope it’s on par with Psychonauts 2 juggernaut documentary series, which is an emotional must-watch. Regardless, any transparency is good transparency.

With a few years under their belt, Rare will likely continue to update Sea Of Thieves, and that’s not something RPS Hivemind will scoff at. SoT checked many RPS lists including the best cats in games the best multiplayer games on PC, and obviously on best pirate games in the open sea.

Sea Of Thieves is now on steam for £35/€40/$40 and is also available on Game Pass at no extra cost.