This article contains major spoilers for Scream 6. Scream VIDermot Mulroney said he didn’t know he was playing Ghostface. Mulroney is known for his roles My best friend’s wedding, Zodiac, and August: Osage Countystars as the villain in the latest film Scream payment The gruesome killer known as Ghostface first appeared in the original film in 1996 and has been a constant antagonist of the franchise ever since, with new mysterious identities donning gruesome masks to kill victims in each subsequent film. Scream VI also stars Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, and is set against the backdrop of New York City, rather than the suburbs of the previous films.


Dermot Mulroney said he never imagined he would play Ghostface when he was cast Scream VI. in an interview with The Independent, the actor admitted that although he knew he was going to play a role in the film, it took him a while to realize that his character was actually one of the killers. The film’s plot twists came as a surprise to the actor during the shooting of the film as he was given only parts of the script throughout the process. Below is the full quote:

“My agent told me, ‘Good news, we’ve got Scream VI calling, they want you, they can’t tell you anything else, but they have to let you know you’re a bad guy,'” says Mulroney. It wasn’t called ‘Ghostface,’ it was just ‘the bad guy.’ I didn’t even know how passionately people were following Ghostface. So I would get parts of the script, but they wouldn’t bother to tell me which part I was playing. Which part of the script part and who I am and who I am in the script will be a ghost. So for a while I suspected that I was going to play a psychologist because Bailey was so blandly written. It’s not my part; it’s just a passing detective. It gives you a sense of the script. shows that it was really cool how he would bury Bailey or just casually put him in the scene. Then I get to the end and it’s Bailey!”

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Why Scream takes its ghost seriously

The ghost on the subway train in Scream VI

Mulroney’s comments show that Scream impressive team commitment to the secrecy of their plot twists. It’s easy to see why, as the franchise is known for its surprising twists and turns, with the ending becoming more unpredictable and complicated with each installment. With the modern threat of social media leaks, they’ve developed a fitting process that reflects the franchise’s self-awareness, keeping the cast in the dark and guessing who the Ghostface-like killer might be.

up to Scream IV Releases, theories suggested that the new payment will raise the stakes, for the first time, there was work with the final act, including three Ghostface faces. Before this movie, Scream the movies usually had one or two Ghostface killers. So, despite Mulroney’s comments that he didn’t learn to be a ghost until filming, he only played one of the three roles. Ghostface killers, which broke a Scream record.

This secretive approach seems to have paid off as the film has already become a box office hit after its release and its big numbers continue to grow. Despite Neve Campbell’s absence, Scream VI shows that audiences are still invested in horror series. Mulroney joins a long line of Ghostfaces in this franchise who continue to successfully reinvent themselves. Scream movies for every new generation.

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Source: The Independent